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Watch ‘Tomorrow’ – Short Film About The Young Barack Obama (Short Shouts!)

Watch 'Tomorrow' - Short Film About The Young Barack Obama (Short Shouts!)

When you wake up in the morning, you never know what you’ll come across. Take, for example, this new 9 minute short film Tomorrow, about a young Barack Obama at a pivotal point in his life, unsure of what the future holds for him, but begins to realize what his future destiny will be.

The film was directed by Russian-born reality TV producer, Joseph Ruzer, who has shows like For the Love of Ray J, Flavor of Love, New York Goes to Work and Glam God with Vivica A Fox to his many credits.

Ruzer claims that he got the idea for the film while watching President Obama gave a State of the Union address.

I don’t want to say too much about the film. I want you to discover it for yourself. But, at least, I can say that Ruzer sincerely has his heart in the right place, and means well.

And perhaps making this short was a way of atonement for producing For the Love of Ray J and those other shows.

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Just wondering, where did you get the info about Ruzer getting the idea to do the short after watching Obama's State of the Union address? I found nothing on the Tomorrow site or any other sites quoting him on this. Did you interview him? Seems a little misleading to say someone said something without actually quoting them. A lot of haters and negativity on this blog too. I actually enjoyed this piece- its not perfect, but at least its saying something positive. I challenge all of the commenters and the author of this blog to post a link to their work that's better than this.


Reading Ruzer's credits already gave me an idea of what this video aka "short film" would show. This is akin to Cynthia Mort's credentialing with respect to the Nina Simone biopic, but this is even worse. Who are these random folks in the clip? The woman looks like she is 45 years old, and she's supposed to be in college?! Also, why does it looks like the camera man who shot this was high? I had to stop watching around the 3:00 mark.


Okay, I just watched it and I'm still laughing! Not just the acting but the quick cuts, the X-Files close ups (LOL), gosh…even the music. Seriously, is this a parody??
It's all so…terrible!
Coincidentally, this cast would be terrific for any future reunion special for the James at 15/16 TV show.
Okay, one positive–at least these people (sorry cannot call them filmmakers, for some reason) didn't try to demonize the president. It is basically silly but harmless.


Cracking up at Sergio being all earnest and nice, when he knows everyone is going to LMAO esp. at that afro rug.


Yea, sooooo I try not to look at comments before viewing things on this site, but I was hard-headed today. I have to agree with you all, I was laughing throughout, it's awkwardly bad acting here. I just skipped through it, it's pretty funny though.


Acting is terrible. Its really over the top. But it means well.


lool this is awful!


What happened to subtlety???



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