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Watch: Trailer For Indie ‘Ingenious’ Starring Jeremy Renner Which Is Kickstarting Funding For National Distribution

Watch: Trailer For Indie 'Ingenious' Starring Jeremy Renner Which Is Kickstarting Funding For National Distribution

Kickstarter has been something of a game changer in the movie industry, allowing smaller scale projects or more creatively ambitious endeavors, that the studios wouldn’t touch, to find an audience and the financing to make it happen. But what happens if you already have a movie finished, but you just need to get it out there? Well, the crowd-sourcing option is there as well, and the team behind “Ingenious” starring Jeremy Renner are hoping to raise enough funds to get their movie out there.

Shot a few years ago, and having already played a strong handful of festivals around the world, picking up some awards along the way, the movie until now has continued to sit on the shelf. But it has a clever and compelling story behind it. The movie is about a pair of inventors trying to find the next big product, and the movie itself was financed in part by funds raised by selling the very item that’s featured in the movie (and that is teasingly kept from view). And featuring a supporting cast that includes Dallas Roberts (“Walk The Line,” “The Grey“) and Ayelet Zurer (“Munich,” “Man Of Steel“), we’re certainly intrigued by the picture, even if the tone in the trailer/informational video below seems a bit uneven.

The filmmakers have apparently fielded a couple of offers, but want to go it on their own to make sure the movie is presented the way they want it to be, without studio interference. With a $48,000 goal, the money raised will help pay for music rights, film prints, advertising and more. Want to lend a hand? Hit their Kickstarter page and check out producer Brian Neufang‘s pitch below.

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I have one of those…it's The Three Stooges though. Aside from that, I was happy to chip in what I could to this kickstarter. I may not get to see this at a premiere, but I'm happy that I contributed a little money towards an indie movie getting out to a wider audience.


The thing that they invent is the talking bottle opener.

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