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Watch: Trailer For Jackie Robinson Biopic ’42’ Hits A Home Run

Watch: Trailer For Jackie Robinson Biopic '42' Hits A Home Run

This weekend, the Clint Eastwood-starring baseball movie “Trouble with the Curve” opens and we’ll just tell you right now: it’s not very good. Somehow, it misses the the magic of the game that makes it the nation’s greatest pasttime, and tosses in not one, but two third-act twists that are there as lazy devices to wring audience sympathy. But before ‘Trouble’ starts, it looks like WB is going to show off an early look at next year’s baseball movie, and it might be a better investment of your movie ticket dollars.

The first trailer for “42” has dropped, and powered by Jay-Z‘s “Brooklyn Go Hard” (featuring Santigold) and some nice cinematography, the film presents the story of Jackie Robinson—the first baseball player to break the color barrier – but thankfully with a bit of grit to go with the sure-to-be inspiring story. Chadwick Boseman plays the legend himself, with a pretty solid supporting cast around him with Harrison Ford as grizzled Dodgers exec Branch Rickey, Nicole Beharie as Robinson’s wife, Jon Bernthal as starting pitcher Ralph Branca, Christopher Meloni as in-fielder Leo Durocher, T.R. Knight as travelling secretary Harold Parrott, John C. McGinley as journalist Red Barber and Ryan Merriman as right-fielder Fred “Dixie” Walker.

Written and directed by Brian Helgeland, “42” will drop just in time for the start of the 2013 season on April 12th. Watch below.

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i like that


dammit. i love Jay-Z and Santigold, but damn. it just looks like you're trying to modernize an already great story in its own right.

and also, the guy who did makeup was obviously sick at home the day they did Harrison Ford's face. what a horrible, laughable atrocity!

otherwise, looks solid.


This looks fantastic, The script was solid, and even managed to avoid most of the cliches that would kill the film. It looks like both Warners and Helgeland have a winner on their hands. Dare I say a dark horse awards contender in 2013? even if it is a bit commercial, the role for Chadwick Boseman is a once in a lifetime and could make him into a bonafide star. A similar rise for Nicole Beharie after her role in Shame.


Some Warner Bros. marketing exec reaaally likes Jay-Z (see Great Gatsby, Gangster Squad trailers)


Just an FYI, Branch Rickey was not a coach. He was the front-office executive who made the decision to sign Robinson. He never coached the team.


I generally can't stand baseball movies and I think this looks superb. Surprisingly excellent use of Hova in the trailer too. Jackie Robinson is a true hero and it's good to see Ford doing something different onscreen. Definitely looking forward to this one.

Wonder why they aren't trying to parlay some award recognition for it. From the trailer it seems like it would have been a surer bet than The Great Gatsby (before they moved it).


Is it even possible to review a baseball-related film (or trailer) without using an obscenely lazy baseball cliche in the headline? Good lord.

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