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Watch: Werner Herzog-Directed Mini-Documentary On The Killers

Watch: Werner Herzog-Directed Mini-Documentary On The Killers

Having tackled such topics as people on death row, the oldest known images created by early man, grizzly bear activists and the landscape of the Antarctic, Werner Herzog is next flexing his directorial muscle and inquistive brain power on… a mini-documentary about The Killers? Uh, sure why not…

As you may already know, the director is tackling the band’s live webcast today at 7 PM as part of the American Express Unstaged series, but to give fans a little bit more, he’s put together a little movie about The Killers. It’s pretty much fluff, with 3/4 of the band featured (guitarist Dave Keunig was “not to be found” — though hopefully he’ll show up for the gig tonight) driving around their hometown of Las Vegas offering some light insights into their life and band. Herzog, ever curious about nature, asks if a wild donkey ever made its way into the city. Riveting.

Anway, it’s seven minutes long and you can watch it below if you tolerate Brandon Flowers cooing over the majority of it. And oh yeah, the band also has their new album Battle Born in stores today too, if you still do that whole “buying CDs” thing. Synergy! [Rolling Stone]

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Yes, I buy CDs too. You wanna know why? Because I have this silly old fashioned idea that I should be able to wholly own and have control over the products I purchase. And I have 30 year old CDs. I have never owned a hard drive that lasted more than 5 years and CD-Rs are perishable to say the least. Oh, and I love vinyl. Rolling Stone. Pfft; wankers.

Ileana M.

Yes, I do still buy CDs. You got a problem with that?


What song is that in the beginning? Anyone know?


Much like for the David Lynch/Duran Duran collab, it doesn't seem like much subversion is in store for this gig. Ah well, love these brief inquiries into the artificial veneer of Las Vegas anyhow.


man that was awkward


I wonder if Herzog hypnotized them a la "Heart of Glass." Sure seems like it.

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