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Weekend B.O. Sept. 14-16 (The Two Paul Andersons Double Punch)

Weekend B.O. Sept. 14-16 (The Two Paul Andersons Double Punch)

The major box office news this weekend is that it pays to be a director if your name is Paul Anderson.

First, there’s Paul W.S. Anderson and his latest installment of his Resident Evil films (how many are there now?) with wife Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil: Retribution, which grossed just over $21 million this weekend.

You can go ahead and laugh to yourself, wondering who watches these films; But the answer is A LOT of people do. Considering the last Resident Evil film, subitited Afterlife, made $300 million worldwide, why would they stop making them now?

But perhaps the other more important news is that Paul Thomas Anderson’s critically acclaimed (and deservedly so) new film The Master completely smashed the all-time record for per theater averages for a film in a limited “platform” release. 

Opening in only five theaters this weekend (3 in New York and 2 in L.A.), the film grossed an amazing $730,000 with a stunning $146,000 per csreen. The previous record was held by Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom which grossed $130,000 per screen in its opening platform release this past spring.

Maybe people just have a overwhelming need to see a film directed by someone with Anderson as their last name.

Here’s this week’s list:

1) Resident Evil: Retribution SGem $21,100,000
2) inding Nemo (3D) BV $17,504,000
3) The Possession LGF $5,800,000 Total: $41,167,000
4) Lawless Wein. $4,219,000 Total: $30,141,000
5) ParaNorman Focus $3,039,000 Total: $49,336,000
6) The Expendables 2 LGF $3,030,000 Total: $80,290,000
7) The Words CBS $2,880,000 Total: $9,160,000
8) The Bourne Legacy Uni. $2,875,000 Total: $107,817,000
9) The Odd Life of Timothy Green BV $2,511,000 Total: $46,284,000
10) The Campaign WB $2,405,000 Total: $82,857,000
11) The Dark Knight Rises WB $2,140,000 Total: $441,011,000
12) Arbitrage RAtt. $2,070,000

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willie dynamite

I'm a huge P.T. Anderson fan and have been since Hard 8. He is definitely one of the best directors of our era but watching the Master is a long, brutal, experience comparable to hazing. I don't care what any critic or fanboy says.


Sergio, $146,000 per screen is truly remarkable. If we consider each seat at $12.00 per seat, we're talking over TWELVE THOUSAND people per screen. How big were those theaters?!!? Even if the movie was shown 6 times throughout the day, that's a huge seating capacity. I have to question those numbers.


Are you kidding? Resident Evil fandom is so effing high it's ridic. Plus, 'The Master' has been hyped in film circles all year! Who wouldn't want to see the follow effort from the dude who made 'There Will Be Blood'?! The theaters were freaking sold out, six showings ahead of time!!!!

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