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What’s Academy Award-Winning Actress Mo’Nique Up To These Days?

What's Academy Award-Winning Actress Mo'Nique Up To These Days?

In case you’re wondering what comedian, actress, talk show host Mo’Nique has been up to lately…

Well… it’s been over a year since BET cancelled her late night talk show, and over 3 years since her Oscar-winning performance in Lee Daniels’ Precious.

Her long-in-development Hattie McDaniel biopic, which she’s attached to star in doesn’t seem to have made much progress since we first announced it 2 or 3 years ago. Recall that at the time, she said she wanted Lee Daniels to direct it. 

And then there was the indie dramedy titled Bumped, which she was ‘in talks’ to co-star in last year, but that didn’t happen.

So what’s Mo’Nique up to these days?

Announced yesterday, Mo’Nique will serve as honorary chairwoman of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s gala benefit performance on November 28.

The evening will kick off the company’s five-week season at City Center and will also feature Ailey’s signature 1960 work “Revelations,” with special guest musicians. Featured vocalists will include the Tony Award-winning actors and singers Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Anika Noni Rose.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with those last 3 names – McDonald, Mitchell and Rose.

And for those unaware, The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is a prestigious modern dance company based in NYC, founded in 1958 by African American choreographer and dancer Alvin Ailey.

Ticket and additional information about the gala benefit are available at

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Rita Rustin

Monique I really miss you. We need you on tv.

Sonja Reese

Hello Monique My name is Sonja And I am a huge fan I have twin girls and one son, unfortunately I haven't been able to get off this weight I would love to come on your show to see if you can help. I'm 5 foot even green eyes and very sexy just huge please help me.Look me up on face book. Thank you


Monique nailed it she got me back to watching then they list their mind and cancelled her. It will be a great loss for BET. But be looking for a killer comeback she is just so real and at some point we all could related to her she just is woman enough to say it on national television. She will be missed.


I hate seeing her without a job but I was sooo glad when thye took her show off BET. All she did was screak=ming loud talkin baby this baby that so unprofessional.


I love Monique, with that siad imo, she was not very gracious about her acamdemy win or her promoting the film Precious (Oprah & Tyler Perry). I said to myself, I hope your talk show never gets cancelled, 'cause you done bit the hand that fed ya.

Rose M.

Monique is very talented. That scene she did in "Precious" made we recoil from the screen while saying "no, no, no:" It was shocking and riviting. However–she was so adamant, following her Academy Award win, that none of this would change her and that she was still going to "keep it real"! I'm sorry–wining an Academy Award, especially being black, puts you in a whole different category than comedy stage performances and/or a small time tv talk show. She seemed determined to push away all praise and opportunity. So what happened? Her TV show was cancalled and no one knows what she is up to. Each year at the Academy Awards, winners from the previous year present the awards to the current winners. I was amazed that Monizue was not there! The past winners are always there. So, in my mind,. she was on a roll to downgrade the importance of that very important win! Why? I do not know!

Jessica. C

I so much as really miss my girl mo come on back to the big screen girl and Grace us with your presence

Lucille Parks

I agree, Phat Girlz definitely was underrated. Monique is a great actress and comedian and I miss her very much.


Just watched Phat Girlz again – what a great underrated movie. Monique is a talent. I want to see more of her.

frances pearcy

Monique, you are a most loved actress and a missing piece of our black puzzle. In other words, we miss and love you at the same time. Say something. Do something. Don't just dissappear on us. Since unknown facts exist as to what actually happened to your tv and radio shows, we're in the dark. Please come on back, and on't quit. sometimes the best stuggle is the comeback struggle when character, guts and all else is really built. i've been there. I may be wrong in my assumption and if I am please forgive me. Please say something to your fans. I'll be praying for you and yours. Maybe I'll even call the Professor! (smile) Monique, you are the greatest! I hope you are hugging yourself on a daily basis take care.


I'm sure Tyler Perry could write a part for her. Sure, it's nothing as glamorous as winning an Oscar, but it'd at least boost her profile…

D.C. Kirkwood

Great timing Tambay. I've been checking her IMDB page all year to see what she's up to next. I do miss her eventhough she is extremely loud at times. Ive always liked her as a comedian and an actress. I wish she would atleast do some guest appearanes on different TV shows atleast. Im happly Vivica Fox got the hosting job for that MOM's prank show, but I bet Monique would have been great hosting that show as well.


She's also lost a significant amount of weight since her Oscar win.


So then the answer is "nothing?" Honorary chairs of galas don't really do anything; that's why they're honorary. Good for all involved parties, though.

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