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While Allen Hughes Marches On w/ ‘Broken City,’ Production On Albert Hughes’ ‘Motor City’ Halted

While Allen Hughes Marches On w/ 'Broken City,' Production On Albert Hughes' 'Motor City' Halted

The Hughes Brothers have been in the biz since their entry with Menace II Society in 1993, but in almost 20 years, they’ve only produced/directed 5 feature films; the last one being The Book Of Eli in 2010.

Most recently, the pair was attached to helm (Albert was to direct) a live-action adaptation of Akira, but eventually moved on thanks to creative differences with the studio (Warner Bros).

Allen recently wrapped production on Broken City with Mark Wahlberg starring; the movie is scheduled for a Januarty 2013 release. However, Albert, who was scheduled to begin principal photography on Motor City, with Gerard Butler starring, on September 17, hasn’t been so lucky. 

First, the film had already gone through a casting carousel, since it was first announced a year ago, until Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody settled in to star in it; and now, it was reported over the weekend that production on the film has been halted by producers, as crew members were sent home, because the studio (also Warner Bros) gave them a delivery date that they just could not meet.

Foresight Entertainment, one of the backers of the film, said that, with a shooting start date of September 17, it would’ve been impossible to deliver a completed product by March 31 (Warner Bros requested delivery date), given how much post-production work would have to be done (“complicated visual and other special effects work“); at least, it would be impossible to meet that deadline without compromising the quality of the film, so they effectively shut down production. 

Motor City, which is based on a 2009 Black List script, and is described as “a revenge film about a small time crook who is framed and sent to jail only to go after those who put him there upon release.

Joel Silver is producing through his Dark Castle production company, along with Andrew Rona, Ethan Erwin, Randall Emmett and George Furla.

All parties involved still want to get the film made, so it may now just be a matter of when, not if. 

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Broken City and Motor City sounds like they where related in some way, but maybe i'm reading in too much.


The studio couldn't just move the March date?

James Madison

Side note – If anyone can tell me how to type and separate paragraphs in the comment section, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

James Madison

I really like the Hughes Bros. work. I am curious to see what they do as separate entities.

Djo Munga, F. Gary Gray , Andrew Dosunmu and The Hughes Brothers have demonstrated that they can do quality films that are not based in comedy. I hope that they can get more greenlit projects and/or produce the material themselves. I have not seen any films by Steve McQueen yet, but he seems to get high praises, so I look forward to his material.

I would like to see what more work from Dee Rees as well. Hopefully these artist/directors can showcase material, not hindered by genre or rating. For instance, I would like to see a "lighter" movie from The Hughes Bros. Not 'light" in regards to a comedy but something in the PG vein, just to show that they can do something other than R rated films. I feel that the directors mentioned has strong potential to be the Spielberg's and Ridley Scotts if given the right opportunities.

Best wishes to them all.

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