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Will the Success of “Obama’s America” Translate to “Atlas Shrugged” Sequel?

Will the Success of "Obama's America" Translate to "Atlas Shrugged" Sequel?

If a bad documentary, full of conjecture and manipulation, attacking President Barack Obama, can make more than $30 million at the box office, does it mean that a bad narrative film attacking President Barack Obama’s domestic policies–i.e. the second installment of the “Atlas Shrugged” trilogy–will be able to follow suit? If you remember, last year, the first adaptation of the Ayn Rand book was released with much media speculation surrounding it–I interviewed the producers for the Wall Street Journal Online–but then the film flamed out at the box office in its second weekend, dropping a considerable 47.8% even after adding 166 theaters.

On October 12, the producers will release part II of the “Atlas” saga, with some more high profile stars, reports Slate, and the hopes that Tea Party activists and other sundry Ayn Rand and G.O.P. VP candidate Paul Ryan supporters will seek out the film.

“The effect of Romney choosing Paul Ryan was bringing Ayn Rand back into the news,” one of the producers told Slate, referring to Ryan’s respect for the pro-capitalist, pro-CEO author. “From our perspective, promoting this movie, we need to connect the dots for someone who’s interested in economics, get him or her interested in the film.”

I think it could work, particularly wth the conservative energy in the air that has catapulted “2016: Obama’s America” into the documentary sales record-books. But I also think box-office and political pundits need to be wary–once again–of equating ticket sales with political will.

Yes, there are a sizable number of Americans who believe government-funded programs like Medicare, food stamps, and um, fire departments, are bad for the country, and they make look to “Atlas Shrugged” in greater numbers for a confirmation of their libertarian beliefs. But like any niche audience that independent films cater to, they will remain just that: a niche audience.

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9 comments? Is that all, you guys? Thought you libertarian trolls had more firepower. My favourite troll here is the liberal "Buddhist Democrat" that found "convincing convictions" (arguments? political points?) in Rands silly little book.

your an idiot

Obama will be the DOWNFALL of America. Our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ends with Obama's big government approach to sticking his nose into everyone's business and controlling us like the puppet that he already is.

Bill M

Atlas Shrugged "IS" obama's vision for America


Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Part 2 will be in theaters October 12th, 2012.

The Full Story

It is funny that you would call the potential audience "Niche" for this film when it has been reported that "Atlas Shrugged" is one of the most widly read books in history

Atlas fan

This writer is an idiot. He merely gave us his pro-Obama opinion. "Fire departments??? Really??While the United States is becoming a welfare country, the "moochers" and "looters" will continue to rob us of our freedom. Ms. Rand had it right over 60 years ago. The motor of the world is stopping. I'm looking forward to the government collapsing on Obamas or Romney's Head. Either one will get the job done. There was no review of the movie on this article, all I read was his agenda.

Stevo the Magnificent

Name me a SINGLE conservative or libertarian who said fire departments were bad? I suggest you not let Debbie Wasserman Schultz e-mail you the DNC talking points to put in your reviews anymore, it makes you look very foolish indeed…


Atlas Shrugged is a nonfiction novel by Ayn Rand. I am a liberal, Buddhist Democrat and found the book had many convincing convictions.
My problem with your "review" is that you did not review the FILM–you merely expressed your political views. Was the film well done? Was the film true to the novel's plot?


"But like any niche audience that independent films cater to, they will remain just that: a niche audience."
Well said.

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