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‘Winnie’ Gets An Official Release Trailer; Opens In Canada October 5

'Winnie' Gets An Official Release Trailer; Opens In Canada October 5

It was the opening night film for the 8th annual Montreal International Black Film Festival 3 days ago, September 19 – Darrell Roodt’s much-discussed Winne Mandela biopic, which stars Jennifer Hudson as the title character, and Terrence Howard as Nelson Mandela

As noted in a May post, T.D. Jakes and his company TDJ Enterprises/Film Bridge International are on board to executive produce and develop a Stateside marketing and distribution strategy for Winnie.

No dates yet, but our readers in Canada will be glad to know that the film will open there commercially on October 5.

Jasmin recently interviewed director Roodt, and you’re strongly encouraged to read that review, posted a few days ago HERE. In it, he addresses a lot of the questions many of you have had about the project since we first alerted you to it like his reasons for casting Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard, the audience backlash against his casting choices, especially by South Africans, the real Winnie Mandela’s objections to the project, what we can expect from the film, and more.

Read that interview HERE. And below, the first official release trailer for the film has surfaced (although we’ve seen so much of it already in all the preview footage that’s been passed around that this may not have the same freshness as if you were seeing footage from the film for the first time). 

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Nice looking movie. Looks like this one might get an Oscar nod.


The 2 minute trailer is very good and Jennifer Hudson performance is Oscar worthy. I also wished this film was not shown at the TIFF last year, poor choice by producer and dirctor of the project it was incomplete, just poor editing. The changes has been great and the movie should be promoted upon it release in canada by Hudson. I pray we get to see it in the United States. Give her credit she can act without question. I wish Kotease and Howard good luck in the Oscar race.


Same make-up artist as Norbit and Big Momma's House?


I love Jennifer. The makeup artist, however, needs to be placed in the corner for punishment.


Jennifer Hudson is a talented actress people need to give her a chance and I believe in Winnie she will shock and surprise people with her strong performance. I just wish the director had waited because he got the film screened at TIFF last year. Why did the director do this when the film wasn't ready? I think the director made a mistake he should have waited. But the film is going to be released in Canada can't wait to see it in Toronto.


This trailer is so much better. I wish it would be screened at NYFF (maybe there's still hope?), but I'm certainly on the fence about seeing it in theaters. "Baby wipes" Howard should've never been cast…Nelson Mandela does NOT sound like a woman!

D.C. Kirkwood

I will be supporting Jennifer Hudson, I think she does a convincing job. Terrance Howard on the other hand is the one who is miscast. His accent is not good and he sounds very winded, like he is forcing too much air out his mouth or over pronouncing his lines. I can't explain it but he just sounds weird to me.


Just dreadful ! This scren cap pretty much sums up what we thinks of this movie. Jennyfer looks constipated here.

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