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Alysia Joy Powell To Topline Choice Skinner’s Comedy Feature ‘Big And Beautiful’

Alysia Joy Powell To Topline Choice Skinner's Comedy Feature 'Big And Beautiful'

Alysia Joy Powell, who appeared in last year’s Jonah Hill comedy, The Sitter, will topline filmmaker Choice Skinner’s indie comedy film, Big and Beautiful.

Co-written by Steven Grant, and to be directed by Skinner, who we have profiled before on S & A (his powerful dramatic short film Brotherly Love), the film deals with about a plus-sized woman named Jamela Jenkins (played by Powell), who has recently been cheated on by her fiancee.

When her best friend convinces her to attend a weight-loss/self-improvement resort, on an island, to recover from her broken heart, Jamela instead encounters zany people, zany times and new found love and romance with a sexy, personal trainer.

The fim will also star Michael Corey Davis, Farley Jackson, Daffany McGarry Clark, Felicia Tamika Sheppard and Lulu Valencia.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin in spring 2013.

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I am hoping for the best, but the synopsis is screaming stereotypes to me, i.e. you must lose weight to prevent a man from cheating, etc.


We've seen this before. Sounds like "Phat Girls" with a twist!


@ Nadine, I didn't catch that… huuumm…wife…daughter? @ Choice, I see you like to mix it up. Deep drama (Brotherly Love), action flick (Alexus), and now a comedy. That transition has to be difficult for you and the actors, esp the male actors. The ladies seem to have it cover b/c I believe that's their background (comedy)? And while we're talking about the ladies, give Daffany a hug & a kiss for me b/c she sho' looks good to me. Anyway, writing comedy is a mean thang, man. Good luck and holla @ ol'CareyCarey if you need some honest feedback on the funny tip.


The actress' name… ;).

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