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Bad Disguises, Bad Accent & Michael Chiklis: It’s The Trailer For Jason Statham’s ‘Parker’

Bad Disguises, Bad Accent & Michael Chiklis: It's The Trailer For Jason Statham's 'Parker'

If you’re a professional thief, living outside the law, you’d think that if you’re going to wear a disguise it would be more than putting on a pair of glasses or wearing a cowboy hat. But then again, when it comes to Jason Statham, he breaks all the rules. The first trailer for “Parker” is here and well…it’s a Jason Statham movie.

This time around he plays Frank Martin Parker, one of those respectable criminal types who has A Code and Doesn’t Hurt Innocent People. But he runs up against the formidable wall that is Michael Chiklis, who double crosses him and leaves him for dead. But this being a movie, he doesn’t actually makes sure Parker has been killed, and the next thing you know, Statham is trying on a southern accent, hanging with Jennifer Lopez who knows the locals, and is rolling in Palm Beach as he plans his revenge. Wait, what? Nevermind, here’s a bunch of explosions and Statham Poses.

This looks pretty dreadful and even wastes Nick Nolte who seems like he will be on the other end of a phone for most of the movie. Maybe this will be worth watching to see Chiklis do some over the top, bad guy mugging? Maybe. Whatevs. “Parker” opens on January 25th and will probably be on DVD a few months later. Trailer and new pics from EW below.

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This looks sexy and fun! I'm in.


I don't understand the hate. I think this looks good. No one does action films better than Jason and I usually always have fun when I see one.




The arker books are pretty good and allmost evveryonee who has portrayed him on screen must have some carisma, whillist Statham have some of it it's not enough for a Parker film.


I'd enjoy more of the shirtless-oil-wrestling-fights from his earlier films.But I'm digging the silver wig.


What's the hate for Jason Statham ? He is talented and watchable., but not a great actor.


looks very good – pity about the sour Jason Statham haters, it does what it says on the tin and looks like it will do it very nicely. Nice one again Jason :)


Eh, looks OK. I'll probably see it.


lol that looks like pretty fun movie to me.

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