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Cedric The Entertainer Wants Your Help In Keeping ‘The Soul Man’ Alive

Cedric The Entertainer Wants Your Help In Keeping 'The Soul Man' Alive

I actually forgot all about this new show. I watched the first 3 episodes, wasn’t at all encouraged to continue watching, so I moved on. 

You might recall that the pilot episode of Cedric the Entertainer’s original scripted sit-com for TV Land (The Soul Man) pulled in 1.9 million viewers during its 10pm time slot, making it TV Land’s second highest-rated original series debut ever.

However, after that hot debut, ratings dipped a bit; and it looks like it’s not an absolute certainty that the network will renew it for a second season, and to that end, Cedric has taken to the web to drum up audience support.

Specifically, he posted the below message on his Facebook page – essentially a campaign to bring the show back to TV Land.

Ladies and Gentlemen I need your help… if you liked my show on TV Land, The Soul Man, then please take part in my letter writing campaign to bring it back for a second season . Just use the following letter and email it on… we want to make the biggest impact so if you have a moment please email. Thank you, I’ll Holla





Dear Ms, Curren (MTV Networks):

We love “The Soul Man”! We are writing to you in hopes that our letter of support will encourage you to bring “The Soul Man” back to TV Land for another season.

After watching the debut of “The Soul Man” in June, we have become regular viewers /fans of that show and the TV Land network enjoying so much of your other programming such as “Hot in Cleveland” as well as the classic shows. It’s so refreshing to do “one-stop-shopping” at your network for quality family programming.

Please hear our voices and bring “The Soul Man” back to TV Land ! Thank you for your kind consideration.


Fan Name

Cedric’s a funny guy! I’ve seen his stand-up routine, and he’s got jokes. I laugh hard. Here, as much as he tries to keep things bouncy, he seems restricted, and I wish the writers/producers would just let him loose to do what he does best, while still keeping things PG; Same for co-star Niecy Nash who plays his wife on the show.

The opening credit sequence is actually one of the show’s highlights, as short as it is. 

So, in short, meh… I was happy for Cedric and company, but the material didn’t grab me.

The series is a spinoff of Hot in Cleveland, and stars Cedric as Rev. Boyce “The Voice” Ballantine, a former R & B singer turned minister, who takes over his father’s church.

Jazz Raycole plays his daughter LyricJohn Beasley as Boyce’s father, Barton, and Wesley Jonathan as his brother, Stamps.

The Soul Man was heavily marketed to African American audiences, with the intent being to attract new audiences to the network.

You can watch the first episodes on TV Land’s website HERE.

If you’ve been keeping up with the series, your thoughts? And will you be contributing to the email campaign?

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Adam Scott Thompson

I'm kinda rooting for this show even though it doesn't rock like it should. I could imagine a sitcom like this thriving in a Saturday afternoon slot on the CW. Anyway, I'm always an advocate for shows that don't coon it up and shame us (yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU). This show is like "Amen" without the pizazz. Even though it was centered around the church/Christianity, that show actually took risks that paid off (and they had Sherman Hemsley — lol)


Even though the ratings were still decent throughout the season, I had a feeling that this would happen. They need to change the writing on the show. Bringing Loretta Devine in at the end of the season was a step in the right direction, but her career is always so in demand that I'm not sure if they will be able to get her to star in many more episodes.


Naw, I'm cool. I would suggest that the show get better writers, but it's just as abysmally written as every other show on the network, so I don't know why it's in trouble. TVLand is like an evil science lab; I just wanna break in and free all the talented actors from their cages.


I love Ceddy-Ced like nobody's business; however, "The Soul Man" just ain't doin' it for me. AT ALL. Not even a little bit. He was fantastic opposite Steve Harvey's straight man (and vice versa) when they did "The Steve Harvey Show," and it would be great if he could re-capture that comedic chemistry again with someone.

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