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Celebrating the Great Sam Rockwell: Actor’s Actor and Scene-Stealer [Video Clips]

Celebrating the Great Sam Rockwell: Actor's Actor and Scene-Stealer [Video Clips]

In Martin McDonagh’s raucous ensemble comedy “Seven Psychopaths” (October 12), one actor stands out among his accomplished peers: Sam Rockwell. He’s up against the best: Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Michael Stuhlbarg–poor Colin Farrell never stood a chance. No one can smirk and sneer more cynically, look more crazy, or move his eyebrows with more abandon than Rockwell as he steals almost every scene.

Check the clip below to prove it.

Despite delivering amazing work in such films as Fox Searchlight’s “Conviction,” opposite Hilary Swank, which earned him a TOH Oscar Watch, Rockwell is not a marquee star. Why not? Because he gives every role a raw emotional edge that can push audiences away. He can be scary, dangerous, unhinged–and heartbreakingly vulnerable.

Also, Rockwell’s indie films tend to draw small audiences, from the relentlessly grim “Snow Angels,” directed by David Gordon Green, to the George Clooney/Steven Soderbergh-produced remake “Welcome to Collinwood.” In fact Clooney went on to cast Rockwell to star as bigger-than-life game show host and spy Chuck Barris in his directorial debut, the freewheeling “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” which performed dismally at the box office.

Each of Rockwell’s starring roles has garnered him raves. Rockwell surged onto the scene in 1996 when “Box of Moonlight” premiered at Sundance. As bizarre Davy Crockett-obsessed man-child “The Kid,” Rockwell’s wily, unpredictable persona was on display. He went on to star as a sex addicted med-school drop out in 2008’s “Choke” and as astronaut Sam Bell in the well-reviewed micro-mini “Moon,” a part that was written for him for writer-director Duncan Jones. “Choke” actor-director Clark Gregg has added Rockwell to the cast of “Trust Me,” a movie about child actors.

Thus Rockwell does best in ensembles like his biggest draw so far,  “Iron Man 2,” in which he played Tony Stark’s adversary, a rival weapons dealer. Few know that Jon Favreau considered giving Rockwell Robert Downey Jr.’s role. His bigger-budget films include the unlikeable prisoner William “Wild Bill” Wharton in “The Green Mile” and the bar owner in “Cowboys & Aliens.” After receiving praise for his work with Nicolas Cage in Ridley Scott’s 2003 film “Matchstick Men,” Entertainment Weekly wrote that he was “destined by a kind of excessive interestingness to forever be a colorful sidekick.”

We want more. See our fave performances in the clips below.

And a mash-up of Rockwell dancing:

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I really like Rockwell, but your Colin Farrell hate is getting ridiculous. I'm of a mind to not read your site anymore. Apparently you just can't write anything without getting a dig in at Farrell.


Sam Rockwell has been my favorite actor ever since 2006 when I first saw "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", and then proceeded to seek out his earlier films like "Lawn Dogs" and "Box of Moonlight". There's no doubt in my mind that he is the greatest actor to ever hit the screen, and the fact that he's still existing relatively under the radar is absurd but speaks true to the kind of actor he is — someone who doesn't mug for attention or accolades, despite earning them every step of the way. One doesn't need to look any further than his performances in "Snow Angels" and "Moon" to see the kind of visceral talent on display in all of his work. Thank you for doing this.

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