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Cobie Smulders Joins ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’; Ghostface Killah Says Marvel Suing Him Over Iron Man References

Cobie Smulders Joins 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'; Ghostface Killah Says Marvel Suing Him Over Iron Man References

A couple of little curious updates to the ever expanding and apparently litigious Marvel universe, so here we go…

Yesterday it was revealed that Frank Grillo had nabbed the villain role of Crossbones in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” but as a few eagle eyes around the internet noticed, Variety‘s report also revealed that Cobie Smulders — aka Agent Maria Hill — has also been listed as part of the cast. No word yet on how big or small her participation will be, but needless to say, Marvel is going ahead and exercising those contract options. But it does suggest that S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to be integral, which isn’t a shock considering a TV show is being developed around the agency as well.

Meanwhile, it looks like Marvel’s laywers have stumbled across their children’s hip hop CD collection. As folks may know, Wu Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah also refers to himself as Ironman (yes, one word) and Tony Stark (in fact, his first solo album was called Ironman). His fandom of the comics is pretty well known, and he even shot a cameo for “Iron Man.” But, Marvel isn’t being so nice anymore.

“Remember on Supreme Clientele, we were Tony Stark’d out with the skits, the Ironman skits and all that shit. Them niggas comin’ for that shit after all that time,” the rapper told MTV. Indeed, the album was released twelve years ago, but it’s likely the “Iron’s Theme” duo of skits that has caught the attention of legal hounds at the company. We’re not sure what exactly the infringement is exactly — it’s basically a repeated chorus of the word “Ironman” — but we’re sure those legal drafts will find a reason to drag this into court.

C’mon guys, surely you have a better use of your time? Listen to what Marvel is troubled by below.

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My guess is the timing has more to do with Marvel's takeover by Disney. They have more of a trigger finger with things like this. :(((((


Marvel shouldn't have a leg to stand on because Ghostface calls himself Tony Starks, emphasis on that final 's'.


The intro and outro of 'Supreme Clientele" sample the intro to the 1966 Iron Man cartoon. Not these intermissions.
I figured this was settled with the first film, since it featured his song and video IN the movie, not to mention that deleted scene.


So, when are they gonna go after MF Doom?

Ghostface Killah

This is bullshit, nahmean? Fuck these niggas, nahmean? I'm Tony, bruh!

Nikola G

"Supreme Clientele" is more entertaining than all of Iron Man 2 combined. This is the most ridiculous news I've heard today, but that Ghostface quote from MTV is golden. I'm imagining it rapped in his voice and it's giving me stitches.


They should be sending Ghostface a Thank-you card, not suing him. He's been doing free advertising for their character and keeping him alive in the an entire generation's consciousness for 12 years. How short-sighted is this?


Watch out Ozzy they will be coming after you and the rest of Black Sabbath next.


He can thank DISNEY for that, not Marvel.


Marvel = assholes.


They invited GF, shot three movies and are just now aware that Ghostface is an Ironman fan and uses motif? Stupid grab.(though Supreme Clientele wouldn't suffer from skit cuts). What's next? Going after The Iron Man Competition? Pixies, "Tony's Theme (this is a song about a superhero named Tony!)

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