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Contest: ‘The Man With Iron Fists’ Prize Pack Including Poster, Shirt, Cufflinks & More, Plus Runner Up Prizes

Contest: 'The Man With Iron Fists' Prize Pack Including Poster, Shirt, Cufflinks & More, Plus Runner Up Prizes

Get ready to throw your Ws up. The Wu-Tang Clan‘s RZA has directed his first film, and of course, it’s a kung fu flick, delivered in a way that only he could. Directing, starring, co-writing and even assembling the rock solid soundtrack, RZA has been busy making sure nearly every element of “The Man With The Iron Fists” matches what he has set out to do. And for fans who are already excited to see what he’s cooked up in his picture, we’ve got a few treats you’re sure to enjoy.

For one lucky reader, we’ve got a prize pack that includes: a poster designed by artist Joshua Andrew Belanger (see design below), a shirt, beanie, bandana and cufflinks. And for four more runners-up, we have more copies of the poster to send your way. How do you win? Email us with your name, address and three fun facts about RZA we should know. Good luck! Open to U.S. residents only. And if you don’t win a poster, there is still a chance you can snag one…read on… Update: Contest closed. Winners will be contacted via email.

The poster is part of 16-piece graphic outdoor poster series commissioned by Universal Pictures and Ignition Print to commemorate the release of the film. The result is a revolutionary collage of beautiful, stylized, provocative art created by a group of designers as varied as the posters themselves. From a retired Japanese woodblock printer, to an indie South African illustrator, to a guy from Detroit who makes band posters with Sharpies—every artist injected his or her unique sensibility and love of kung fu into the project.

Joshua Andrew Belanger lives and works out of his studio in Southern New Hampshire. Collecting comics and conspiracy theories, he spends his nights illustrating for bands, magazines, books, skate decks, gig posters and graphic novels, and his days walking his hound dog around the battle-torn foothills of the White Mountains. Raised by Wolverine and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, his illustrations focus on high action and intensity with emphasis on the narrative. Joshua strives to hone his craft and achieve illustration transcendence through alien abduction… or hard work, whichever comes first.

And in a unique spin on outdoor advertising, all of the posters will be available for fans to tear off and take home from outdoor locations across the country. Here’s where you can find them: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C./Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Detroit, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas and Phoenix.

“The Man With The Iron Fists” opens on November 2nd. For more info check out the film’s official website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Johnny Nightrider

When I was younger I saw the trailer to Star Wars with my mom in a Drive-In that was located in Van Nuys,California.I remember thinking I have to see that.At the Drive-In they we're playing 2 kung-fu martial arts movies.I remember one was really graphic.This Kung-fu hero in the film was avenging something and he cut this one dude in the crotch and you see him peeing himself.And then in another scene he cuts this dudes dick off and throws it to a dog that eats it.This is classic 70's kung fu movies with poor over dubbing of English.The other Kung -Fu film I remember alot of limbs cut off but with pretty bright fake blood.One thing I do know was I saw Billy Jack with my mom in the theatre.It was 71 or 72.It was a cool movie about Native American young adults who had a school and Billy Jack who was half Native American like me protected the kids who went to school there and he kicked ass with his martial arts.Though the best Martial Arts movie of all time and has their real voices in English which I also saw with my Mom in the theatre cause it was rated R was Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee.It was 73.I'm a few months older than Tarantino.Though he looks like a Serial Killer.I look really good.

Johnny Nightrider

The contest is closed.I'm bummed out.With all the people in Los Angeles how am I going to get a awesome poster.I'm a 5'10" Native American with white skin.That people call Big John. You can stfu with that hey chief crap that people quit saying when I got bigger.By the way I'm Lakota(Sioux)originally from South Dakota.In the Great Sioux Nation the Lakota are known for their hunting and warrior culture.Maybe thats why I'm a excellent marksman with a rifle,carbine,pistol and revolver.In fighting the best fight is no fight but when I've had to fight I don't hesitate and I fight to stop it quickly.I'm bragging now and not being humble.Peace.

Tim Blevins

Cant wait for this to come out, WU FOREVER!!!


Super nerdy moment: Does anyone remember Joe Madureira's Battle Chasers? There was a villain who was around for a few issues called the Brass Demur and I can't help but think of him when I look at Brass Body.

Image of the character:

Nik Grape

Awesome poster! Wish your contests were open to residents of Canada though.

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