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‘Django Unchained’ Gets A 2nd Full Trailer, Shows More Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx In Action

'Django Unchained' Gets A 2nd Full Trailer, Shows More Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx In Action

Since the first full trailer, there’ve been a number of short TV spots, but we’ve largely avoided posting those, since most of them didn’t reveal anything particularly new.

A second full trailer was released today, and it gives us a lot more new footage than we saw in the first one, in June. Kerry Washington’s character hasn’t been featured particularly much in anything we’ve posted here thus far; however, we get to see more of her in this new second official trailer than we’ve seen before; although it’s still very much Jamie Foxx’s show, and this trailer does feature some new scenes with him in action as well.

You’ll recall that, over the summer, Quentin Tarantino said, during a Comic-Con panel, that the character Kerry plays, Brunhilde von Shaft (we’ve known her as Broomhilda all along) is, in his mind, an ancestor of John Shaft.

Maybe that suggests a Django Unchained franchise of films that lead up to the birth of Shaft; likely not though.

Also at Comic-Con that weekend, soon after a sizzle reel from the film was shown to attendees, Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington, who were present for the event, talked about the project, with Jamie dishing on taking the role after others had passed on it, egos, etc, stating:

To be honest with you, I really think that things happen for a reason. I think if Will would have done it, it would have been fantastic. You know, it didn’t work out. He was doing other things. Will also called me and said, “This is the part to be in.” He really loved the script. Look, you get the chance to work with Quentin Tarantino, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz — you have to be a part of that. That’s the other thing, too. Sometime your ego can get you out of sh-t. It can have your ass sitting there and thinking you’re all this, meanwhile the world is going past you. It’s really about art. Cinema. Whether they paid us or not, we want to be there. You want to be there with these people.

And further, Jamie went on to compare Tarantino to a hip-hop artist, stating:

Tarantino is a hip-hop artist. Do you know what I mean?… What do hip-hop artists do? When they know they’ve got a hot record, they leak it and they let you fester on it. Because he knows what he has. So, today is a hip-hop move. And, from what I hear, it did what it was supposed to do. And that’s not even … we know what it is. I mean, we’re not trying jinx it.

I thought maybe he was going to say the screenplay leak really was the original “hip-hop move,” and not the sizzle reel that was shown at Comic-Con, because that’s certainly been festering within all of us for almost a year now, which has only helped inspire dialogue (pro and con), building anticipation for the film.

They also talked about what it was like working with Tarantino (the first time for both of them), the violence, Jamie’s colorful outfits, the hype and more. You can read the full interview HERE.

Otherwise, here’s trailer number 2 for Django Unchained, out on Xmas day.

‘Django Unchained’ Full Trailer #2 from Tambay Obenson on Vimeo.

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I've seen Foxx's interviews where he implies that Never Before has a Western incorporated the concept of slavery. Sidney Poitier's Buck and the Preacher (1972), Larry Spangler's (Fred Williamson) Legend of N-ggr Charley (1972), Soul of N-ggr Charley (1973), Jack Arnold (Fred Williamson) with Boss N-ggr (1975), Mario Van Peebles' Posse (1993), Mario Van Peebles' Los Locos (1997), John Singleton's Rosewood (1997), and some films that I missed incorporate slavery into a Western motif. Tarantino/Weinstein's over-loud marketing wall of noise and misdirection are desperate attempts to use money to drown out a better film approaching on the horizon–Steve McQueen's direction of a true history of slavery, 12 Years a Slave, with original story, screenplay, direction, and lead by an international crew and cast of those of African-descent. Like Django Unchained, the action of 12 years a Slave also takes place on Texas plantations with an enslaved man moving hell and earth to return to his wife. The wall of noise (and marketing budget) cannot disguise the lack of integrity and deficiencies that underlay Django Unchained or the cult of personality surrounding Tarantino or the supremacist drive to win Oscars for Leonardo di Caprio, Christopher Waltz at the expense of Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington.

Justin W

Eh, still on the fence about this one.

Mark & Darla

Oh hell yeah, delirious and delicious this is my kind of movie, engaging, engaging, engaging, giddy-up horsey.


LORD HAVE MERCY… THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD! To that point, since I've come to believe that a journey shared with another, is more deeply moving an experience than a journey taken alone, I am planning a party. See, although I, like everyone who has been caught in the pounce of life's struggles; that which makes us question our existence, I have managed to maintain my love of watching movies as a form of escape, and I'm taking some black folks with me to see this one. Not only do I escape, movie watching affords me the opportunity to visit emotions, sights and sounds – much like reading books – that I may not have otherwise experienced. And again, I'm gonna take a few black folks along with me on this journey. See, I am just a black hick from the flat lands of Iowa (yes, there are black folks in Iowa) who loves to stretch-out and view the world from different perspectives. And, as I said, I love watching movies. So, after watching this last clip, I am geeked, I'm hype, and reading to go, I gonna take a few friends to this here movie show. Yes sir, every time Jamie says something clever like "I'm curious at what makes you so curious" we're going to jump up and holler at the screen… DO THE DAMN THANG JAMIE, DON'T BOW DOWN TO THAT CLOWN!. Yes sir, we are going to have some big fun up in there. When Samuel Jackson (looking like Uncle Remus's twin brother) says that line "Sumptins' up with these two boys, they done rode a lotta miles to get to this ol' girl, they playin' yo ass for a fool" (good line btw). I'm going to jump up (again) and yell… "Sammy, sit your simpin' ass down". Shiiiiit, I'm tellin' y'all, I can't wait for Django ( Jamie Foxx) to say… "in my world you gotta get dirty… so that's what I'm doin', gettin' dirty". When he does, when he says those strong lines, me and my small crowd of black folks from Iowa might start yelling D-J-A-N-G-O… LET'S GO… get some mo ass Django! Thanks for this new clip, Tambay.

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