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‘Donnie Brasco’ Writer Paul Attanasio Latest To Tackle Universal’s ‘Scarface’ Update

'Donnie Brasco' Writer Paul Attanasio Latest To Tackle Universal's 'Scarface' Update

Despite already striking gold with two films — the 1932 Howard Hawks-helmed original and the equally iconic Brian De Palma 1983 remake — Universal decided last year to attempt another update of the classic “Scarface” story. While David Ayer was the first name attached to pen the script, a new scribe has been brought in to rewrite the film.

Donnie Brasco” and “Quiz Show” writer Paul Attanasio has been tapped to rewrite Ayer’s original draft. Right now there is little in the way of clues as to the direction they’re heading in, in terms of who the protagonist is, where he will rise to power and, inevitably, fall from grace.

While we originally thought the idea of returning to “Scarface” was a silly and foolish ploy to get more money from the property, we think that the hiring of Attanasio is a step in the right direction. What would further turn us around on the project would be finding out who the studio wants to helm the film. We hope Universal steps outside of the typical list of hired guns and instead goes after someone who has the ability to follow in Hawks’ and De Palma’s footsteps. [Deadline]

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I hope Universal come to their senses and realise this is a bad idea and that audiences are not stupid and going to be so easily enticed by an obvious money-making attempt. Universal execs are making a good case to be considered the worst in the business only rivalled by MGM (a studio which borders on shambolic). The obvious easy-money solution is too covert the 83' version to 3-D because let's face it who dosen't want to see Tony Montana scream "Say Hello to my Little Friend!" in three dimensional glory.

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