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Editor’s Note: Why You’re Not Seeing All Our Posts On Facebook & What You Can Do About It

Editor's Note: Why You're Not Seeing All Our Posts On Facebook & What You Can Do About It

I’m actually out sick today with a bad cold, as Natasha manages the site for the day. But I had to get this posted right away, because it’s important.

An FYI to our currently 13,400+ Facebook followers: in short… last week, I noticed a big dip in Facebook clicks – one that my research told me, begun about 2 weeks prior; so I investigated further to eventually learn that this is Facebook’s doing.

In essence, our posts to Facebook may not be showing up in your Facebook newsfeed because Facebook is apparently trying to force page owners to use the pay-to-promote option, which means page owners will have to spend money on each post, to increase the likelihood that you’ll see each post in your Facebook newsfeed. Otherwise, most of you won’t, which then obviously affects traffic back to this website, which in turn affects my bottomline.

In fact, after performing a test over the weekend, I determined that the vast majority of our Facebook followers have not been seeing our posts – something like 80%, which is obviously A LOT! Unless a post is shared by those who do see it, it goes viral, and becomes popular.

Some of you told me that you hadn’t seen an S&A post in weeks, which certainly concerns me!

What’s the use in having so many followers, if only a fraction of them are engaged?

It’s frustrating for obvious reasons. I do use the pay-to-promote option from time to time – specifically for those posts that I want to ensure are seen by as many people as possible; but that should be the exception, not the rule! I can’t afford to pay to promote every single post, or even a handful of posts, to make sure that most of you see them, which seems to be what Facebook wants people who run pages like myself, to do.

I’m sure Facebook is under pressure from shareholders to exploit all potential sources of revenue, now that they’re a publicly traded company, and the stock is down about 40% since the company’s IPO in May. And this could be an area it sees some potential in. Essentially, it’s another form of paid advertising. So I suppose I can’t blame them for wanting to boost their bottomline, even though it affects mine.

However, that means I have to invest in an alternative.

So, while I search for some other option, or until more Facebook page owners speak out about this (I got emails from a few others who said that they’d experienced the same drop in traffic), forcing Facebook into action (or unless I’m just totally off the mark, and there’s a work-around solution that I’m not aware of yet), my suggestion would be that, if you want to ensure that you see all of our posts, your best option is to actually go to the S&A Facebook page (HERE) directly, instead of relying strictly on your newsfeed.

Bookmark the link, visit it once a day, and you’ll be guaranteed to see everything we’ve posted for the day.

Needless to say, this is one post that I’ll be paying to promote on the S&A Facebook page, so that it’s seen by as many of you as possible!

Thanks for your patience.

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Ditch facebook. Start using Google+. Problem solved.

Alice Fuller

As a social media strategist and consultant for Sheer Social, Tambay YOU are very right in your assessment of Facebook's Edgerank system. LACK of engagement with content in newsfeeds also affects how Facebook provides your content to those that like your page. According to Facebook itself, only 16 or 17% of people that like your page actually see your posts.

So FB is strongly "persuading" fan page admins to use promoted posts and Facebook ads to increase the reach of our posts. Like Hollywood itself, there's method to the madness to benefit them, not us as much.

To work around it here's what I suggest. If you'd rather NOT play the FB game, keep focusing on email marketing. Email marketing is still alive and well and provides better ROI cause you've built a LOYAL audience that opens email constantly throughout the day.

AND according to recent stats, the audience here is probably very MOBILE…it's beginning to consume more content via mobile and tablet than on computer. Email will satisfy a mobile audience since we check email more now on our phones.

Secondly, I'd suggest BUILD YOUR OWN NETWORK that can be experienced across all platforms–computer, tablet, and mobile. There are plenty of tools that exist inexpensively that would allow you to build your own membership site or online community. Keep the traffic and conversation in your OWN backyard. You've got a thriving community already, now give it a place to chill that YOU OWN to talk, debate, post content. CREATE YOUR OWN VERSION OF FACEBOOK, then monetize it!

Want more ideas hit me up via Twitter @sheersocial or Facebook…much success in whatever you decide to do.


I have been missing S&A in my Facebook feed, but I still get the email updates, and also come directly to the site to catch up on what I've missed several times a week.

Adam Scott Thompson

I just come here now on the daily, Tambay — pick mine right off the tree.


I found this out back in May. It really came on-line with the new crap-ass Timeline. Before they made the switch, we were getting a lot of new Likes and tons of Fans conversing with each other and those conversations were, in turn, getting a lot of Likes. Now with the Facebook throttling combined with Timeline, our Page of now almost 5,000 Fans is nowhere near as active. Before throttling and Timeline we were growing at four times the rate we are now.

Now by putting out a regular post, you will only reach about 15% of your Facebook Fans. That's it. They intentionally cap your reach. If there is a lot of engagement and Shares, that number might increase a little around 17%, but the days of you getting your message out to the majority of your audience with a simple post are long gone. If you're reaching closer to 20%, celebrate. Before too long they may even stop that from happening.

For every six Likes you get, you can only reach one of them organically. All that work hard work you've put into getting people to Like you on Facebook is not as valuable as it once was. For the above page, our new goal is going to be to get people off Facebook and onto our mailing listing, forum, iPad app, or Twitter.



This is a good reason for people to come directly to the S & A website to get most of the news. Facebook has been pulling the pay to promote stunt for several months now. It's affecting all sites of this type. Facebook is following the capitalistic model of money, money, money, and that decision will probably ultimately lead to Facebook's demise. You see what happened with ads and MySpace. Timberlake is trying to bring MySpace back, but whether that comeback will be successful remains to be seen.

Jillian Downing

I hear you barking! Our page traffic hit a wall with all these new FB games. We are a small business, and use our page to communicate with our customers 24/7! I also understand they need to make money, but there has to be a better way. I don't even mind paying a monthly fee. Nice to know we aren't alone.


I don't have a FB account. I have a Twitter account but rarely use it. I almost exclusively access this site by clicking on the headlines linked through the daily digest that gets mailed to me via e-mail.

Dankwa Brooks

I just mostly rely on the Twitter feed unless they start the same type of shenanigans I'm good. Also even though I read the Hollywood trades every morning I still turn to S&A to see "what my people say" on an entertainment issue even so far as to come directly to the site. Good Luck with the workaround Tambay and staff and keep up the great work!


Never had a facebook account (and never will). I just make it a point to visit this site directly via my browser bookmark every day or every other day. I'm sure someone soon – if they haven't already – will come up with an app to bypass the pay to promote option. For the time being, supposedly, if a person uses the list function in Facebook he/she can get access to all the posts for liked pages. Don't know if that works since I don't use fb.

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