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‘Elysium’ Pushed Back To August 9, 2013 While ‘RoboCop’ Heads To 2014

'Elysium' Pushed Back To August 9, 2013 While 'RoboCop' Heads To 2014

We have to admit, we were beginning to wonder what was going on with Neill Blomkamp‘s expensive, mysterious “Elysium.” With a release dating looming about five months from now and no posters, teaser trailers, stills or any other kind of marketing, we figured either that a) Sony was going to start a blitzkrieg campaign once they were done with “Skyfall” or b) it was getting pushed back. Now we have our answer.

The studio has moved the movie from its previously slotted March 1, 2013 date all the way back to August 9, 2013. You might recall that’s the spot Sony already had for their “RoboCop” remake — well, that too is being moved, heading to a February 7, 2014 slot. Should we be worried? On the one hand, Blomkamp’s film has a big mountain to climb with audiences in terms of presenting a genre that’s generally a hard sell (even with Matt Damon in the lead) and not based on any pre-existing brand. Shifting to August allows Sony a second shot at Comic-Con in July before it hits theaters. On the other hand, slotting this kind of original movie at the tail end of summer could be prohibitive in helping it find an audience and legging out. But then again, it doesn’t have much competition at the moment except for the Jason Sudeikis/Jennifer Aniston road trip pot comedy “We’re The Millers.” It also leaves a big gap open on March 1st that is now only occupied by Park Chan-Wook‘s “Stoker.”

As for “RoboCop,” February seems to be becoming a place where surprises can happen. This year saw “Safe House” become a big hit in winter, Martin Scorsese also did well with that frame not too long ago with “Shutter Island” and “A Good Day To Die Hard” will likely do some business this Valentine’s Day in a similar slot. And considering filming has only recently got underway, it gives Jose Padilha more breathing room to get his first Hollywood blockbuster done right, rather than rushed. However, it will face the Aaron Paul led “Need For Speed” on the same weekend. Videogame adaptation or remake? Nerds will have a tough choice.

In other release date news: “Saving Mr. Banks,” the behind-the-scenes drama about “Mary Poppins,” starring Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell, Emma Thompson, Paul Giamatti and more will land appropriately in Oscar season on December 20, 2013. Meanwhile, “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” has been pushed back two more weeks to January 25, 2013 presumably to ensure it can lock down the 3D and IMAX screens it needs. [BoxOfficeMojo]

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Yeah, I don't see this move as a negative for Elysium. And this way they'll have more time to come with a great marketing campaign like or better than the one for District 9.

Another great positive though is for Park Chan-Wook's Stoker. As much I love his work and want to see this film, I feel like it wouldn't make much money battling against Blomkamp's latest. But now that it is all by itself, it can easily turn a profit. At least I hope it does…


district 9 had an August release with zero star power Anne did pretty will in the buzz office. I don't see any cause to worry here


The real issue here is not the budget but the fact it is being pushed back 5 months. That's something that bears a real significance – and speaks in favour of rumors that some key players consider the latest cut to be quite a letdown.

A Baby Named Jesus

Elysium was made for less than $100 million and originally sold to Sony for $125 million. The difference, I assume, went to Media Rights Capital or it came in seriously UNDER budget. So I'm not sure where the $200 million figure comes from. This is the fist time I have heard this number used.


Amanda already beat me to the punch – but yeah, "Elysium" is only carrying a budget around $90-$100 million.

If anything, pushing the movie back to a summer release leaves me feeling more encouraged.


Where do you get 200million? in almost every comic con interview Blomkamp said that it was made for less than 100mil with tax credits.

Other than the fact that I now have to wait for a highly anticipated movie I think its a good thing and a good sign.

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