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Famke Janssen Will Reportedly Cameo As Jean Grey In ‘The Wolverine’

Famke Janssen Will Reportedly Cameo As Jean Grey In 'The Wolverine'

The big question around “The Wolverine” — besides whether or not it will scrub “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” from our memory — is it how it will or won’t fit into the original “X-Men” trilogy or the new “X-Men: First Class” series. And now, we may have a clue.

According to sources speaking to We Got This Covered, Famke Janssen has reprised her role as Jean Grey in “The Wolverine” in what is said to be a small cameo appearance that she shot last week. As fans will remember, Jean Grey/Phoenix met her demise at the hands of Wolverine at the conclusion of “X-Men: The Last Stand.” So with “The Wolverine” presumably taking place before the trilogy, the appearance of Jean Grey could make sense. And given the time jumping nature of “X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” and producer Bryan Singer‘s hint of “connectivity” between X-Men films, one wonders if this will be the only time Janssen will popping her head back in this world.

With Jackman set to do press rounds for “Les Miserables” soon, we’re sure confirmation of this and more morsels will be spilling out. “The Wolverine” lands on July 26, 2013. 

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Right there with you on Halle's part. I've never been much of a Jean fan, but hey, I ain't complaining, though from what I'm hearin' is that this is the sequel to The Last Stand. That I really don't agree with, but who knows? Maybe it'll be good. They just need Storm to also have a cameo appearance, and then I'll be happy. In the comics, Storm and Logan have a great relationship. No reason to toss it out now.


Yes, pleeeeeease. Make this happen!


I agree Famke Janssen should be involved in " The Wolverine " !

I want to see her as Dark Phoenix just like in X men 3 Last Stand but for this time she can control her power and herself. and I want to see her can transform into White Phoenix of the Crown that more powerful because White Phoenix can go travel time Past, Present, Future with many her host !

For in X men Days of Future Past Movie 2014 Famke Janssen isn't as Dark Phoenix anymore but larger role and I told she's as White Phoenix of the Crown ! with wearing a white one and she encounters with Emma Frost / the White Queen ! I think the best perfect for an older Emma Frost in X men Days of Future Past is Charlize Theron. an older for Alex Summers / Havok is Ian Somerhalder ! X men Days of Future Past would need to see Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch I know which the best for becoming Scarlet Witch is Angelina Jolie with high budget ! Halle Berry should be involving in X men Days of Future Past ! and X men Days of Future Past with reveal main villain what most people want to see the Rise of Apocalypse Apocalypse + Mister Sinister + Holocaust + Exodus and yea they don't go travel time I think it's incredible X men Days of Future Past Having Rising of Apocalypse for involve main villains.


love Famke.

Film Freak

Thanks for the spoiler, I guess.

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