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Alison Lohman & Alexa Chung?


Becky Stark form the band Lavender Diamond. She's the one in the library in the cyan blouse. She was also in pale yellow with a red hair almost to her shoulders. She also had a long blonde wig on and a blue blouse with white specks on it. She might've been in there dressed in a different way another time as the woman with a tattoo on her arm and a red dress and black hair. I couldn't tell, but I'm starting to think half the video was Becky Stark in different outfits and wigs. Alia Shawkat was also in it with the one actress whom I can't recall but see her in a lot. Also, I'm pretty positive that was M.I.A. with the words written on her hand.

Ronnie D.

Also the girl with the weight issues from Spanglish – she appears a lot. When does Lena Dunham appear?

Ronnie D.

Carrie Brownstein – from Portlandia.

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