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First Pics From Peter Greenaway’s ‘Goltzius And The Pelican Company’ Premiering At The Rome Film Festival

First Pics From Peter Greenaway's 'Goltzius And The Pelican Company' Premiering At The Rome Film Festival

Even though he has spent the last decade ringing the death knell for cinema, Peter Greenaway continues to work in the format anyway, either as a way to go down with the ship, or perhaps to try and right the course (or maybe both). But onward he goes nonetheless, and next month he’ll be unveiling his latest, “Goltzius And The Pelican Company,” at the Rome Film Festival. A few pics from the film have arrived to give folks a preview.

Starring F. Murray Abraham, the film tells the tale of Dutch painter Hendrik Goltzius, known for his erotic depictions of Biblical stories. The film is the second in a series of movies about Dutch painters, and follows 2009’s “Nightwatching,” which centered on Rembrandt. And certainly, this one looks like it’ll be a fairly decadent production, perhaps not unlike his own work, which tends to hold little back.

There’s no distribution for the film stateside yet, so who knows if/when it will land here outside the realm of a film festival apperance. But Greenaway heads will find a way to track it down. Feast your eyes below. [Kinopoisk]

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And these ones?

Archer Slyce

I'm bound to be interested by anything from the guy who did the mind-blowing The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover … In any case these look very Greenaway-esque.


Do you really need to invoke your stupid "death-of-cinema" article every time you mention Greenaway? I get that you guys are more stoked on the next Emma Stone film or whatever, but the man's legacy amounts to more than some tossed off pseudo-controversial quote (one of thousands he's made) and reportage ought to respect that

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