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Fox Picks Up Joe Berlinger Produced West Memphis Three Series, CBS ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ & More

Fox Picks Up Joe Berlinger Produced West Memphis Three Series, CBS 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' & More

Things have been buzzing over at Fox and CBS it seems for the past day or two as the network has been busy lining up a number of projects that they hope will develop into bonafide hits, and it features everything from an acclaimed documentarian creating a series inspired by his own career, to a pretty shitty sitcom borrowing the title of one of the biggest songs in rock history. Go forth, we shall…

First up, Joe Berlinger, the co-director of the acclaimed “Paradise Lost” documentary trilogy, has come over to Fox to co-executive produce “Paradise Falls.” Penned by Margaret Nagle (who is also working at CBS on a contemporary take on “Sense & Sensibility“) the drama will center around a documentary filmmaker working for a crime reality series, who heads to the titular town in Pennsylvania to investigae a brutal slaying. What he uncovers is corruption and deceit and a town looking for its moment in the spotlight. No, it’s not the West Memphis Three story exactly, but it’s clearly inspired by Berlinger’s work on those movies. And given that interest in the subject contiues to knock around thanks to the upcoming doc “West Of Memphis” and Atom Egoyan‘s dramatization “Devil’s Knot,” it’s a pretty big no brainer why Fox picked this up. 

Meanwhile, for something a little bit lighter, but also kind of awful sounding, CBS has purchased “The Big Bang Theory” writer/co-executive producer Dave Goetsch‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The story revolves around an 18 year old who ditches Harvard to become an entrepreneur, and starts a hugely successful internet company in his garage with his sister and ” ’90s indie rock parents.” We have no idea what that last part means, but it makes us want to punch somebody.

Finally, two dudes we like, Jake Johnson and Max Winkler (who previously teamed on “Ceremony“) have sold “The B Team” to Fox, where Johnson is currently starring in “The New Girl.” The quasi-superhero concept centers on five guys who decide to form their own Avengers-style group, but don’t actually posess any superpowers. Winkler will direct the pilot and if it goes to series, Johnson will make his debut behind the camera lensing an episode. [THR/THR/Deadline]

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west memphis three facts

For those not familiar with the West Memphis Three case, here's some information on the case: Many people believe the West Memphis Three were guilty as charged. They were found guilty by a unanimous jury the first time and plead guilty last year instead of waiting for a trial.

Echols was found guilty because of the repeated confessions and braggings that the three committed the crime. Misskelley (one of the 3) confessed FIVE times, three times to the detectives, once to the police and once to his own lawyer. All of the West Memphis three had failed alibis.

Echols had a history of threats of violence, violence, psychiatric treatment and psychotic behavior. His reported actions included brutally killing a dog, starting fires at his school, threatening to kill his teachers and parents and stating he liked to drink blood. See court documents exhibit 500 for evidence of this. see wm3truth com for more info

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