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Houston Family Reality Show Opens Strong For Lifetime

Houston Family Reality Show Opens Strong For Lifetime

Though the show has been called many things so far, such as “train wreck”, “tasteless” and “tragically wrong”, that didn’t stop people from watching The Houstons: On Our Own reality show, on the Lifetime Network.

The opening episode, which premiered this past Wednesday, pulled in 1.33 million viewers; the second episode, which followed right after the first show, experiencing a slight drop off, attracted 1.31 million viewers.

As far as complaints that the family was exploiting their sitiuation for financial gain, and that this was not “the right time” to do a reality show, Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and manager, responded that: “I don’t know when would be the right time. When would be the right time? You don’t know. You just continue what you always do and that is try to live. Taking one day at a time. And that’s all we are doing.”

Whether the show will continue to hold on to its audience remains to be seen.

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latres calito

I was reading in an magazine… whitney was trying to reach out for help | so she called pat n it was no answer… I blame pat for not saving her life its sad… the reason pat is so fouced on kristina is she a meal ticket …. I pray for those ppl … whitney u should teach those ppl a lesson rip ….

Tiffany McDonald

I think that show is great for Bobbi. She is able to see the reality of her on life. I understand exactly what Pat is doing, trying to get her on the path so she can pass on her mother legacy… She doesn't have anyone else to guide her. She don't need to dwell on her mother passing by herself. She needs to know that we all care for her and want the best for her. We want her legacy to passed through her child…. We love the Houstons out of respect for Whitney. Don't let us down Bobbi or your mother. Y ou were born to be a WINNER.

Zoe Strachan

I haven't watched it yet, not available in the UK. However, I do think that this series is too soon after Whitney's death. Pat Houston got up on the pulpit at Whitney's funeral talking about individuals who used her etc. Look what's happening now? And they say Bobby Brown is the cause of all their problems. I don't think so.


All these greedy half comatose leeches enabling poor unguided Krissy (let's not pretend) , who happens to appear totally "fucked up" on somthing 24/7. Then we have the gay "fiance". The grown men who don't have the balls to give him, Nick a serious ass-whoopin. The calm fake wife/siset-in-law/shitty ex-manager. Yeah, what a great "manager" she turned out to be…managed Whitney literally to death…so she could 'Manage" Krissy. Krissy will die young.


This show is an entertaining tragedy. The child Crissy is way out of control while the rest of the clan who(live off departed W's dime), do not seem capable of GETTING REAL with the girl… Hello, she's "fucked up" on somethin' 24/7 . Pretty obvious. Sad too. None of the men want to grow some cojones and deal with "fiance/punk-ass Nick…Wait and see that little bitch is gonna get Crissy pregnant, she's on drugs (please dont pretend), she will die young. Nick will get it all


"When would be the right time?" — When the mortgage is due and from the looks of it, it was soon; very soon. I watched the first and second episode of this series (on-demand). I can't help but see or to think that all these adults are living off of this child. If Bobbi K. decided to up and leave and move to Bali to live her life, the rest of her "family" would be moneyed out. Who's Pat going to manage? Who's Charles going to write for? Who's the bodyguard dude going to body-guard? Whatever. I just hope Bobbi K. will be all right.


Wow Whitney is probably rolling in her grave, her family is truly the lowest of the low. It hasn't even been a year since Whitney has died yet her family want to profit off her name. Bobbi Kristina needs a lot of help this kid is obviously fame hungry but so is Whitney's own mother.


Refuse to watch a nanosecond of it…


@ALM Cause when your in that family you age 9 years for every 1 year you live!!!


I still want to know why Pat's 14 year old looks like she's 23 years old?

Miles Ellison

Ah, the age old question: when is the right time to ghoulishly exploit the death of a loved one? I guess that time is right now.

Adam Scott Thompson

That's entertainment.

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