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IndieGoGo Campaign For ‘Very Smart Brothers – The Series’

IndieGoGo Campaign For 'Very Smart Brothers - The Series'

O.K. I admit that I’ve heard of the website Very Smart Brothers (HERE), and as hard as I’d like the believe that there’s only ONE black website (that being..ahem…S & A)  I have to confess that there others out there as well…

It’s a blog based around the lives, thoughts and opinions of the two creators of VSB, Damon “the Champ” Young and Panama Jackson. And now they’re making a move to another medium with their own series entitled (what else?) Very Smart Brothers: The Series.

The series will revolve around two bloggers who fumble their own dating mishaps while making a successful living as relationship experts.

The series is being produced by Earl Bolden Jr through his production company Solo Journey Productions, and stars David Hunter Jr. (left) and Lou Breckenridge (right); and currently there’s an IndieGoGo campagn to raise fiunds to finance the series’ pilot episode, with photography slated to begin on November 12th.

Go HERE to find out how you can contribute.

Below is a promo clip for the series with the two leads.

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