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Is Shailene Woodley The Next Jennifer Lawrence Or Kristen Stewart? Actress Closing In On YA Flick ‘Divergent’

Is Shailene Woodley The Next Jennifer Lawrence Or Kristen Stewart? Actress Closing In On YA Flick 'Divergent'

There is no doubt stardom is coming for Shailene Woodley. After breaking out in last year’s “The Descendants,” she has lined up two indies with acclaimed filmmakers Gregg Araki and James Ponsoldt (“Smashed“), and just over a week ago, it was revealed she was in talks to play Mary Jane Watson in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” But could a young adult franchise be her ticket to bigger things, launching her career the way it has for Kristen Stewart (“Twilight“) and Jennifer Lawrence (“The Hunger Games“)?

We’ll soon see, as the actress is in negotiations to lead “Divergent.” Based on the 1.2 million selling book by Veronica Roth, the story follows sixteen year-old Beatrice, who lives in a dystopian future where society is divided into five factions based on virtue: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). Forced to choose which one she’ll live in for the rest of her life — a decision that pulls her between being with her family and staying true to who she is — Beatrice makes a decision that surprises everyone, and leads to adventure, romance, etc.

Already being conceived as a trilogy, there is no doubt that Summit is hoping this can replace their vampire series in their YA moneymaker category. Evan Daugherty (“Snow White And The Huntsman“) has penned the script, and with the second book “Insurgent” published in May, and third coming next year, we’re guessing that 1.2 million fanbase is going to grow. And perhaps Woodley along with it. The plan is to shoot next March for a spring 2014 release, so things are moving right along.

Do you think Woodley is the next breakthrough star? Let us know below. [Deadline]

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Yes Woodley seems set to join the increasingly crowded ranks of talented actresses between 15- and 25 that are making a name for themselves in the industry that includes Lawrence, Stewart, Wasikowska,Elizabeth Olsen, Imogen Poots, Moretz,Elle Fanning, Isabelle Fuhrmann and Saorise Ronan (not to mention 2012 breakout stars who fall slightly outside the age range at both ends Wallis, Winstead and Marling) that look set to ring in a new generation of actresses that have industry insiders buzzing about the increased competition for roles that the next few years will bring. I'n not sure if this can bring Woodley to the top of the pecking order but a franchise will definitley help her exposure.


I don't know Woodley's work, but a real actress (I assume she is) should have the right to have not her name associated to a curiosity's tabloid as Stewart, is degrading and humiliating.


I have read Divergent and I ydo not feel that Shalene Woodley is a good match for the role of Beatrice. She may have demonstrated the acting chops in the Descendants but she does not appear to have the right persona for the role of Beatrice. Just my observation.

El Hanso

Yes, Woodley will be a big thing in the business and will hopefully get much acclaim for some serious (or maybe comedic) acting gigs.
But this story sounds (haven't read the book(s)) like absolutely non-sensical garbage. At least the plot describtion does. Why do those YA books all seem so alike?

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