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Issa Rae (‘Awkward Black Girl’), Shonda Rhimes Team For New ABC Series ‘I Hate L.A. Dudes’

Issa Rae ('Awkward Black Girl'), Shonda Rhimes Team For New ABC Series 'I Hate L.A. Dudes'

I believe it was a few weeks ago that Issa Rae shared a photo of herself and Shonda Rhimes on Twitter, which of course led to speculation that something might be brewing between the two.

And maybe something was, as it’s just been announced that Rhimes (via her Shondaland production company) has set up a half-hour comedy series titled, I Hate L.A. Dudes, with Issa Rae writing.

I Hate L.A. Dudes centers on an aspiring journalist, new to Los Angeles, who becomes the lone female voice on a budding, male-driven Internet talk show, while learning to decode the often humiliating and exasperating rules of the LA dating scene. 

Rhimes has sold I Hate L.A. Dudes to ABC, which she’ll exec produce with her producing partner at Shondaland Betsy Beers.

Issa Rae will write and co-executive produce.

This will be Rhimes’ first half-hour comedy entry.

Congrats to Issa Rae! This is a pairing that I think many were hoping for, and it’s finally happened.

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Liz Rizzo

SO excited to learn about this partnership and to see what blossoms from it in the coming years!!!

But for the record, I love L.A. dudes, and the thing about dating today is, there *aren't* any rules and *that's* what drives so many people crazy. :)

D.C. Kirkwood

Happy about the partnership, but I don't know about this one. ABG second season is really bad. Love Issa but I just can't watch anymore. I don't know what happened but it the same with the Akils and Shonda. They have great ideas and they definitely have the writing skills to pull off a successful show in the beginning!!! But maintaining that artistic integrity and keeping ratings up has been a problem. As it is for any TV show. The Game is a perfect example. You build up a solid fan base only to dissapoint in the end. Plus, Gabriel Unions show seems very similar in premise to this one too. We'll see.

Just Sayin'

Congrats to Issa, this is great news for her! I sincerely hope this opportunity will result in a more entertaining program than what she presents in ABG, which is unwatchable and not funny. It's an interesting premise, but very low-brow. And I strongly agree with Nadia. Behind the scenes is important, but so is being in front of the camera. If Tina Fey can helm her own TV show, write and executive produce it, then why can't a black woman — regardless of her exterior facade? Hollywood is happy to support a black president for two terms, but having two black women as leads on different shows on a major network would be asking too much? Really! We're living in the 21st, not the 19th century. … Cautious optimism is the right tone to take in moments like these.

ojie king

Congrats are in order!


Huge congrats to Issa and Shonda. When was the last time we saw an established Black woman in Hollywood partnering with a young sister like this. This is major for any young writer regardless of color, and is going in the direction so many of us CLAIM we want to see.


It's good to have someone like Shonda Rhimes who has a level of power. If we had 10 Shonda Rhimes in Hollywood we wouldn't be having the many of the conversations that we have on this site. Love or hate her work, Shonda goes out of her way to provide people of color with meaningful roles in which they are portrayed as middle or upper class people who are not burdened by tons of stereotypes.

Adam Scott Thompson



As Nadia said: Y'all better SLOW YOUR ROLL This ain't the first time we've had black folks behind the camera… remember BET? Now look, just because Shonda's name is attached, who looked deep into these words –>"Will ABC go for another primetime series with a black woman at the center, from Shondo Rhimes?". Opps upside our heads! Will that show (Scandal) be around for another season? They better pickup their game or they're certain to get slam-dunked. And America has shown that they're not really interested in seeing black women in lead roles. Besides, are we now giving free passes to writers simply because they're black? Whatever happened to the cry for "positive" black images? Have we given up the fight and thus this is a case of "if you can't beat'em then join'em?


Good news and I hope there will be some mutual improvement with both writers. Anyone else notice that black women are the ones partnering up all over the place, lol?


Congrats to Issa!!! Major move!!!

As for her acting in it, she probably won't be because the press release doesn't say that. But I'm fine with that. She is writing and co-executive producing. That's more important to the black community making inroads in Hollywood than being in front of the camera. There are enough black people in front with no power behind the scenes.

And if this is successful, she can use this to get ABG on TV(or a movie). And even if this isn't successful, Issa wins by being taken under Shonda's wing. Do you know how many aspiring writers of any color would love to have Shonda as a mentor? The opportunities are endless. Issa won big today. BIG!!!


Wow this is tremendous for Issa Rae she must be so happy and thrilled! Issa should be very proud of herself she took the initiative and created her own successful web series! Now Issa is working with a Hollywood power player like Shonda Rhimes she's going to learn so much from Shonda. Very happy for Issa!


Good for her. Here's hoping it's much better than the current season of ABG, and that she manages to maintain her own voice in Shondaland.


So happy for Issa! She definitely is deserving of this. Wishing her continued success in the future.

B. Nicole

So happy for Issa! I'm already a huge fan of both so I can't wait to see how this turns out. And while I'd love for the starring role to go to a person of color, I'm still gonna support it if that doesn't turn out to be the case.


Not to be a spoilsport, but before y'all get too excited, notice that it doesn't say whether the starring character will be black. Just because Issa Rae is writing, and Shonda Rhimes is producing doesn't mean it'll be about a black woman. Will ABC go for another primetime series with a black woman at the center, from Shondo Rhimes? I hope so, but I'm just sayin'. Slow your roll.


Yay, for Issa! Hopefully that means at least one sitcom that takes place in a major city that will actually acknowledge the presence of People of Color! I don't watch much TV, I admit but I will tune in to see what this is all about. Just tell me when and where.


I'm glad Issa's writing, but I need confirmation she'll be acting in it as well!


This sounds really good! I don't even watch scripted shows on TV like that but I'll be tuning in to this.


The title is so Issa. And having Shonda behind her should be epic! As long as Shonda doesn't do too much of the writing.

Big Styles

Good News Everyone!



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