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It Looks Like Benicio Del Toro Is In Terrence Malick’s Untitled Movie Now Too

It Looks Like Benicio Del Toro Is In Terrence Malick's Untitled Movie Now Too

It would be a news piece about a Terrence Malick movie if you didn’t have to decipher the clues first. But alas, his untitled movie that isn’t “Knight of Cups” continues to shoot and seems to have revealed yet another cast member, so just bear with us as we run down the evidence.

Exhibit A: This summer, TMZ camera people inadvertently caught a Malick in the wild when they stopped Benicio Del Toro on the street for an imprmoptu chat/interrogating.

Exhibit B: Michael Fassbender, a confirmed cast member of the new flick, has been spotted in Austin hanging out with Del Toro (see above).

Exhibit C: A pretty blurry photo seems to show Del Toro hanging out at the back of a speedboat as shooting takes place.

So yeah, we’re calling this one for Del Toro being in the Malick movie. At least for now. Until he’s cut out and replaced by a shot of nature or something. [Brown Girls Love Fassy/Natalie Portman]

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Taylor Jones

Just came in here to post about the butt.


Von Trier needs to get on that shit and cast her in The Nymphomaniac.


nice butt indeed.

Yeah Buddy

Natalie Portmans ass cut to a galaxy exploding cut to her smiling face cut to someone whispering "lover" cut to waterfall back to Natalie's ass…..TERRRYYYYYYYYY

Filipe Otavio

The GENIUS who choose that last picture with Natalie in that position to end the article… THANK YOU

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