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Jessica Parker Kennedy Cast In Starz Television Action Drama ‘Black Sails’

Jessica Parker Kennedy Cast In Starz Television Action Drama 'Black Sails'

Last we spoke of Jessica Parker Kennedy we were wondering about her re-casting on Undercovers.  We totally missed her appearance on the CW’s The Secret Circle which aired its last episode in May.  No worries for Kennedy though, she has been cast as Max, a french prostitute in the upcoming Starz series executive produced by Michael Bay entitled Black Sails.

One of many pirate themed series on the horizon Black Sails is a pre-quel to Robert Louis Stevensons classic tale Treasure Island.  The series is set 20 years prior to the novel and follows Captain Flint and his men as they fight to avoid authorities on the notorious New Providence Island, a haven for criminals, prostitutes, and con men.

The 8 episode series is set to be shot in South Africa at Cape Town Studios under the direction of Neil Marshall; The Descent and Centurion.  Most recently he lent his skills to directing The Game of Thrones episode entitled ‘Black Water.’

The series is expected to premiere in 2014.

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Miles Ellison

The words "Michael Bay" alone should be enough to keep people away. Good to see that someone is addressing the appalling shortage of prostitute roles in Hollywood.


A prostitute? Lord, I wonder how long it took for the casting director to come up with that idea. Goodness knows that idea hasn't been done before. O___O Why can't she be one of the pirates and keep her clothes on?


She wasn't getting properly used on TSC anyway so you didn't miss much. But really? This is the show she's gonna do? When is she gonna be on a show that I watch, on a network I have? She needs to get on Suits, Pretty Little Liars, 666 Park Avenue or something.

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