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Liam Neeson Says Christopher Nolan Didn’t Explain Why He Was Back In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Liam Neeson Says Christopher Nolan Didn't Explain Why He Was Back In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Sorry guys, the statute of limitations on spoilers for one of the biggest movies of the summer is over. So yes, Liam Neeson did return in “The Dark Knight Rises,” but lest you think that Christopher Nolan let the villain of “Batman Begins” in on the ground floor of why he was back after being killed in the first installment of the franchise, you would be gravely mistaken.

The director’s penchant for secrecy is well documented and par for the course these days, but you might think that Neeson would be given a bit of background as to why Ra’s Al Ghul was hanging out in a musty prison in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Not so. “[Nolan] takes it to another extreme — I didn’t know I was in the movie,” Neeson told Hollywood (via MTV). “I went and shot a scene for two hours with Christian Bale. There was a set, and Christian was tied up. I said, ‘Chris, what am I doing?’ [As Nolan:] ‘Um… well, just walk forward, and say the lines, walk back, and that’ll be it, really.’ I said, ‘What the f***? Tell me the story!’ [As Nolan:] ‘Um… I’d prefer not to, really.’ Okay, don’t mind me — I’m just an actor.”

But Neeson shouldn’t feel too bad as that’s how it probably went on the movie for anyone who wasn’t Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman or Gary Oldman. Or wait, maybe he should?

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See Yiyay

Well I guess this explains the beginning scene.

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He should've just used his fighting skills to make him tell him the story.


Yea I'm beginning to think Nolans reign as the mighty Oz type figure is finally being exposed. His films really are a lot of fluff with nothing really substantial once you get past the hype; to which you have to give him credit for exposing us the audience as sheep for the slaughter. Ever since The Prestige, his last film with an actual coehesive script and plot line, he's been playing the same quick flick of tne wrist tired magic trick offshoot of a script.


Liam Neeson has finally found his match: Chris fucking Nolan! "I'm not telling ya, Liam"


This movie is the hype of the century so far. The last two were so good. Somebody explain how this could go so wrong…


Nolan is about to learn that it's Neeson Season.


explains why the film sucked so much. bunch of hype, ridiculous plotting


Anyone get the impression that Neeson and Nolan didn't exactly hit it off? Not that that every actor and director have to be buddy-buddy with each other, but still…

Nolan's Amazing

"Liam, just fucking act!"

Stephen Staunton

It's funny you bring that up cause I was listening to the Nerdist Podcast yesterday where they interviewed Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he revealed that the only people privy to the final page(s) of the script were he, Chris Nolan, Emma Thomas, Christian Bale and Wally Pfister. Then of course the crew found out exactly what the final scene was when they eventually shot it


Haha, nice story. Imagine the guy saying "What the f***? Tell me the story!" and Nolan going "Hm……nah"


Yeah. He (Chris Nolan) does that.

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