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Madea Will Celebrate Christmas With You In Theaters Next Year + Other Tyler Perry Release Dates

Madea Will Celebrate Christmas With You In Theaters Next Year + Other Tyler Perry Release Dates

Lionsgate has announced release dates for Tyler Perry’s next 2 films – one that’s already been packaged and on its way to production; the other that’s still a mystery at this time, but the current working title should tell you all you need to know.

First, Perry’s a dramedy titled Single Moms Club, which Perry is writing, directing, producing AND starring in, and which centers on a group of single mothers from varying backgrounds, who are brought together via an incident at the school their children attend, leading to the creation of a support group that helps all of them overcome personal obstacles.

Currently, Perry and William Levy are the only 2 attached to star.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin in November, in Atlanta.

Lionsgate has set Single Moms Club to open May 9, 2014.

Second, what’s a year without a Madea movie? Lionsgate has scheduled an untitled Madea Christmas film to open next year, December 13, 2013. 

Of course Perry will also write, direct, produce and star.

So we can count 3 films on Perry’s 2013 release slate – one he’s writing, producing, directing and starring in (the Madea Christmas movie), one he wrote and directed, but doesn’t star in (The Marriage Counselor), and one he only produced (We The Peeples).

Single Moms Club is his first 2014 movie announced. I expect there’ll be 2 or 3 more added to that.

And let’s not forget he’s also busy creating and scripting new TV series for Oprah Winfrey’s cable network OWN, in addition to the series already housed at TBS.

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The bright side he employs us. The bad side, this madea crap is played out! Flip Wilson did it Tyler, your no Flip man. My mother liked Alex Cross. That isn't really saying anything cause she liked "Jumping the Broom" as well.
Oh well, there is another…


I can't just get past these blonde wigs on Black men… Andre Benjamin, Tyler Perry, Jamie Foxx, the Wayans Bros. Ughh!


I can't…


Well it's official in my house. I saw it tonight and Tyler Perry's Alex Cross was horrible. Tyler was mis-cast, the script was flat as hell and Cicely Tyson as Tyler's mother really made the movie feel like a corny B-Flick. Seriously, Ms. Tyson was cool in her day, but now she seems so way over the top… totally unbelievable. And, Tyler is just not convincing as a tough guy. Damn, I really wanted to say something good about the movie, but I can't. I can't even say something good about ANY of the actors. It was that bad. But I do look forward to Mr. Perry's next Xmas flick.




I am looking forward to "We the Peeples".


I saw the play A Madea Christmas. That was hilarious. I'm sure the movie will be even funnier, but of course different from the play. I would like to see Kevin Hart star alongside Madea. Now, that would be funny.


I can be a sucker for Christmas movies. So, I would actually see Madea's Merry Christmas or whatever the title may be.

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