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New ‘Gangster Squad’ Poster Burns A Hole In Sean Penn’s Stomach

New 'Gangster Squad' Poster Burns A Hole In Sean Penn's Stomach

It seems that with “Gangster Squad” pushed back for reshoots following the tragic incident this summer in Aurora, Colorado, Warner Bros. has decided to retool the marketing campaign a bit as well. And thus a new one sheet arrives that strives for an old school crime flick, but instead looks like a cheapie studio VHS cover.

A Photoshop nightmare, it features the three leads Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin while a fire erupts between them, seemingly burning a hole in Penn’s torso. Like an afterthought, Emma Stone is plunked into the bottom right corner, while featuring Gosling with a cigarette seems to open WB to even more controversy. Remember, in Hollywood, cigarettes and sex are considered to be far worse than explosions and people getting killed. But then again, it’s an R-rated flick, so this is being pushed to adults only anyway, but there will always be some who overreact.

All this to say that we’d wager a new trailer is probably right around the corner — maybe with “Argo“? — and it will hopefully be one that will allow the studio to re-introduce Ruben Fleischer‘s movie that was unfortunately tainted by a freak occurence. “Gangster Squad” opens on January 11th. [ComingSoon]

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It wasn't "tainted" by the shootings. It was just the perfect excuse to delay and try and salvage a bad movie. Everythiing about this film looks crappy.


Not going to lie, I kind of like it — I mean, I get the specific old-school vibe they're going for and I'm on board. Then again, maybe I'm just predisposed toward wanting this movie to turn out as well as possible because I like so many of the people involved in it.


Look at Emma Stone's leg doing the Angelina Jolie at the Oscars!

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