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Nicolas Winding Refn Says There Will Be No ‘Drive’ Sequel, But Driver Might Spinoff Into Another Movie

Nicolas Winding Refn Says There Will Be No 'Drive' Sequel, But Driver Might Spinoff Into Another Movie

What’s the difference between a sequel and spinoff? Sometimes it’s just semantics. And while some may be clamoring for Ryan Gosling to put on the scorpion jacket and bust out a toothpick once again to play the enigmatic Driver, Nicolas Winding Refn has closed the door on a sequel…but not on the character reappearing on the big screen. Huh? We’ll let him explain.

“That is never going to happen. But the character of The Driver might return in another film. We’re playing with that idea. We’ll see what happens,” he told The Evening Standard (via The Burnley Citizen). We’re not sure what this all means exactly, or if Refn even has rights to the character. As you might recall, author James Sallis revealed over the summer that his book sequel “Driven” was being developed into a movie, but not much has been heard since. And while some may have hoped Refn and Gosling would be involved, that story is very much a sequel to “Drive,” and that doesn’t seem to be a road the pair want to go down.

Until then, we’ll sit and wait for “Only God Forgives” to show up (perhaps at the Rome Film Festival next month?), and see what Gosling does in his first time behind the camera as he makes his directorial debut next spring with “How To Catch A Monster,” in which his “Drive” co-star Christina Hendricks will be taking a role. 

“We have spoken about it, and of course I will give him advice if he wants me to. I told him if he wakes up in sweats at 5am on the morning of shooting to call me,” Refn said. It looks like their bromance won’t be fading out anytime soon.

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Sequels are gay

tristan eldritch

As far as I'm concerned, he's driving into the night while he bleeds to death at the end of Drive, so I won't except anything other than a cameo appearance set before the events of Drive as cannon. The idea of a sequel to Drive is absolutely crazy – there are no sequels in the noir universe.


OMFG, bromance, drooool.


It could also mean his next movie will talke place in the same universe as Drive kind of like how each of the Pusher movies focused on a different character, like how Milo was a supporting player in the first two and was the main guy in the third


If you really know your Refn films, you'd know that Bronson, Valhalla Rising, and Drive are all about the progression of one character. I think that's what he means when he says the Driver character might reappear. He means the character's incarnation most likely, not necessarily Gosling in a scorpion jacket.


Ryan hve such a great luck,this friendship gives his career a great boost.


So, in other words, the answer is no. He said the same thing about One Eye from Valhalla Rising. He claimed he might appear in Only God Forgives and that never happened.

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