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Nicole Beharie Will Play Slave Defending Homestead In New Civil War Drama ‘The Keeping Room’

Nicole Beharie Will Play Slave Defending Homestead In New Civil War Drama 'The Keeping Room'

Nicole Beharie has been tapped to co-star in a Civil War drama titled The Keeping Room, alongside Olivia Wilde and Hailee Steinfeld.

The film will tell the story of 3 Southern women (2 of them sisters, and the third, a slave) who are forced to defend their home in the last days of the war, against a large group of soldiers who have broken off from the Union Army

Wilde and Steinfeld will play the sisters, while Beharie will play the slave.

The Keeping Room will be directed by Daniel Barber, from a script written by Julia Hartfinancing/producing will be by Wind Dancer Films (the company that also backed What Women Want).

Gilbert Films and Anonymous Content will also produce.

WME Global brokered the deal, at the ongoing American Film Market (AFM), where it’s being shopped to international buyers.

Producers call the project “cinematic, thrilling and dangerous,” one that is full of “profound themes.”

Principal photography is set to begin in March, 2013, in North Carolina.

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oh goodie, some more 'lost cause' entertainment that shows just how evil the Union was to the good southern folks.


Can I please get a Harriet Tubman movie?


Sounds like the filmakers are probably still bent over Sherman's March to the Sea.


I think that the comment that B made is foolish. Why does everyone act as if black people were just born into slavery… as if we have no history before that. No one makes films about the fact the we led nations, or the fact that we are royalty. We were and ARE Kings, Queens, Princes and so on. We weren't genetically grown on a cotton field to be slaves. When there is a damn balance of those films then I will stop saying screw all of these slave movies.

When I see Passion of the Christ remade with Jesus's ACTUAL features and his correct melanin and grade of hair, maybe I will except your chain gang bullshit stories. When will we as people stop drinking the damn Kool Aid that THEY make!! WE WERE NOT BORN INTO SLAVERY, WE EXISTED BEFORE IT!!


I've been looking around… is this based on a true story? The storyline does seem problematic, at least superficially, especially if based on Sherman's March. We as a nation can keep playing around with this idea that treason means nothing … Anyway, I get the sense that there is going to be a lot of "reclaiming" of imagery through fluff/fiction slavery movies for 2013 that will attempt to dampen the impact of Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" which promises to be one of the few brutally honest (based on the Solomon Northrup's narrative) movies recounting life for negroes to coloreds under the vile institution of slavery that made the United States of America an economic powerhouse.


I think the best slavery film was the TV film roots from the late 1970s no other slave movie is as good as roots. The reason some of us don't like slavery movies isn't because they aren't important because they are. The quandary with slavery movies is they simply illustrate the paucity of quality roles for black actors when dealing with the past and period pieces.

Slavery movies aren't exactly empowering either I believe they are rather boring and dull.

Why does a movie that deals with the past with black people must deal with slavery? For instance, why doesn't Hollywood make a movie about the Harlem Renaissance in the early 20th century post slavery I think that would be intersting. Everyone knows about slavery but not a lot of people know about the literary and artistic contributions of black people in the early 20th century people like Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Angelina Weld Grimke, Aaron Douglas, Claude McKay, Counte Cullen, Carl Van Vechten, Nella Larsen ect.


Nicole will have limited options. Even if she is at the "forefront" she might have 'peaked' in this awful industry. My suggestion is for her to create her own projects so she can have a different voice.


"Not another film dealing with Slavery OMG when will it ever end!!" ~ Leon Raymond. "A slave? Really? No. ~ Winston. "This is bullshit. Why is it in Civil War movies the bad guys are UNION soldiers?" ~ Peggy. Well, judging by Leon Raymond's volatile response in the Halle Berry post, which gives the indication of someone who might "go off", I thought it best that I reply to the above concerns as a whole. You know, it's no secret that I can "go there" as well :-). So, to keep this civil, to all, I say, lets open OUR eyes. The subject of slavery is not inherently a bad thing. As my friend Nadine would say "the defining factors are in the "details". Slavery was an institution created by white men which subsequently lead to a civil war. That war was instrumental in the deaths of nearly 500,000 Americans from the north and south, black and white. More importantly, regardless of where one resided or the color of their skin, it's safe to say the ideologies of the opposing forces and particularly those in power, were not – always – shared by the men under their command. Consequently, in reference to slavery, a Union soldier, Confederate soldier and the stories of the Civil War, each story is different. Yes, the difference is in the details. This story/film is speaking to "a large group of soldiers who have broken off from the Union Army". Who knows their mission, purpose or ideologies? The film also spoke of "a" slave. Who was she and what was her relationship with the two southern women? What's her story? Yes, she's classified as a "slave", slavery was an awfully event in American history and the Civil War was comprised of Union and Confederate soldiers, but what's the details of the rest of the story? In the end, in my opinion, slavery is not a "story" that should be scoffed at, nor put in a box. The famous line from the 1948 black-and-white film noir "The Naked City" says it all: "There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them"


Isn't this the 5th or 6th slave movie that has been announced this year alone? It's amazing. When African Americans bring up slavery, they are accused of "bringing up the past", "pulling the race card", and "being unrealistic because no one who is alive has ever been a slave". Those are the type of comments I have heard from non Blacks. By the way, people who believe in the third phrase obviously ignore the fact that slavery is very much alive and well in the realm of human trafficking. I guess talking about slavery and making tv shows and movies about slavery is okay as long as someone who isn't Black raises the subject.


Mmmmh mmh mmh….Slavery and black tears taste grand….3 people with no historical connection to the subject telling lies what a surprise. The screenwriter loves John Wayne.


Not another film dealing with Slavery OMG when will it ever end!!


A slave? Really? No.


This is bullshit. Why is it in Civil War movies the bad guys are UNION soldiers? Why would a black woman slave work with 2 white women, her owners probably, to stop UNION soldiers from hurting the white woman? She should be on the sidelines eating popcorn and cheering the soldiers!


So Cold Mountain meets True Women.

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