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Obviously: ‘Homeland’ Renewed For A Third Season

Obviously: 'Homeland' Renewed For A Third Season

It’s one of the President of the United States’ favorite shows, it just swept the Primetime Emmys (the coveted Best Drama Award, plus Best Actor and Best Actress) and the second-season premiere boasted its highest ratings to date until last night’s episode broke them (1.75 million). So yes, it’s safe to say Showtime’s “Homeland” is very much the darling of the cable network who has, in the eyes of some, struggled to compete with HBO at least in terms of similar acclaim, awards and must-watch shows.

So naturally, “Homeland” has been greenlit for a third season with Showtime ordering 12 episodes just five episodes into season two. A psychological thriller developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa (former “24” writers), itself developed from an Israeli series, “Hatufim,” in case you’re unaware, “Homeland” centers on a troubled CIA agent (Claire Danes) who investigates and ultimately becomes obsessed with a returning POW marine (Damian Lewis), who may or may not be an al-Qaeda-trained terrorist. Mandy Patinkin also co-stars in this extremely gripping show.

Having not seen season 2 yet (bad reporter! Someone hook us up already), it’ll be interesting to see how the show progresses. Without spoiling for those who may not have seen it, “Homeland” has been wise to go beyond a simple is-he or isn’t he conceit and continues to fascinate viewers. The writing certainly suggests a show that can go on for several seasons and the actors are all doing the best work of their careers thus far. [IndieWIRE]

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I am not in the least bit surprised that Homeland got renewed for a third season. What I am surprised to hear is that you haven’t seen any of the second season yet; you are missing out, my friend! I know a lot of people in your same boat though, so I’m glad I thought to record all the episodes. I’m just lucky that my Hopper DVR has more than enough memory space to house every old and new episode, so I can have the whole series on hand. So far, I’ve shown it to tons of friends, family, and DISH coworkers, and they are just as hooked as I am. I’m so happy to hear that we are getting treated to a third season!


Let me preface by saying I really like homeland. The story is gripping, and the acting (for the most part) is tremendous. However… Some of the dialogue (and thereby the writing) can be extremely expository and unnatural, the characters are often having to explain their actions and feelings, creating a forced and unneccessary exchange in what could be a very elegant script. In other words dumbing it down for audiences. Not trusting they will understand the nuances of the characters. This irks me about US television all the time. Well at least Mad Men and Breaking Bad step away from this as they are intelligent and brave enough to trust their stories and chracter development, and not rely on silly exposition.

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