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‘Paranormal Activity 5’ Coming Halloween 2013

'Paranormal Activity 5' Coming Halloween 2013

It’s simple math. “Paranormal Activity 4” cost $5 million to make + opened to $56 million worldwide this weekend = “Paranormal Activity 5” getting the go ahead. If you keep going to these, they’re gonna keep making ’em….

Paramount Pictures has already gone and given the green light to “Paranormal Activity 5,” with the standard Halloween release date pegged for 2013. Director and cast have yet to be announced, but considering these movies take about a week to shoot, and are edited over a weekend, those are minor details that can be filled in at the last minute.

Speaking of which, remember that Latino spinoff of “Paranormal Activity” that was in the works? Well, it was teased after the credits of ‘PA4’ and it’s also pressing forward with “Disturbia” co-writer Christopher Landon as the director. He previously helmed the ensemble thriller “Burning Palms” starring Zoe Saldana, Paz Vega, Rosamund Pike, Jamie Chung and Dylan McDermott among others. This seems like a distinct step backwards, but a gig is a gig we suppose. This one will boast a mostly Latino cast, film partially in Spanish and feature the same “demon” (or whatever) from the ‘PA’ series. And oh yeah, it’s gonna be cranked out in time for release next spring.

It’s not quality, it’s quantity…. [Deadline]

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Can this next movie be about seeing Bloody Marry and her army of demons die now? And can u please let it be new people with the same hunter and same Katie die before newborns are back again to kill other innocent people. PLEASE???


Let it die!


Stop the Paranormal series!


Honestly, I wouldn't complain any of this. I've never seen one of these movies, but they make money. They don't cost anything. They make money. At least some of that profit is going to be funneled into better movies. "Moneyball" doesn't get made without, like, "Transformers" or whatever.

pete w

Sorry to say, but this film is absolute load of rubbish….


The director for the movie has been known since April. This is non-news, not surprising from Deadline and even less surprising that The Playlist rides their dick.

Mr. Ott

Jealous much?

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