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Paul Thomas Anderson Says Dirk Diggler From ‘Boogie Nights’ Probably Dead By Now

Paul Thomas Anderson Says Dirk Diggler From 'Boogie Nights' Probably Dead By Now

If there has been one constant in the career of Paul Thomas Anderson, it has been a desire to dive into completely different worlds with each picture. From the early days of the oil trade in “There Will Be Blood,” to the sprawling city of Los Angeles in “Magnolia” to the intimate inside of a cult in “The Master,” his curiosity runs deep, but it was the ’70s porn sets of “Boogie Nights” that first landed the filmmaker on the map. The 1997 film continues to be a favorite in the filmmaker’s oeuvre for many, and while he will probably never make a sequel, he feels that most of those characters probably didn’t survive the decade.

“[But] you know, I wonder how many of these characters would even still be alive?” he said to Moviehole who asked if he would ever consider a followup. “Probably a few of them, but I fear that most of them might be dead. I doubt Dirk Diggler’s still alive. He’d be probably gone. I couldn’t see him making it.”

“I can see Burt Reynolds’ character Jack Horner still going on, though,” he added.

So while we’ll likely never see “Boogie Nights 2: Hot For Horner,” fans who have wondered about the fate of characters, Anderson doesn’t believe many of them made it out alive. As for what’s next? As always a different direction.

He told Moviehole that what “might” be next is a comedy, something he has to find time to write. We would presume this is his developing Thomas Pynchon adaptation “Inherent Vice” which he said last month he was in midst of writing, and that he hoped to get it “going soon.” He described as a “Cheech & Chong” type of movie, but of course, what it ends up being after Anderson wrestles with it will likely be something all his own. And set against the backdrop of druggy 1960s Los Angeles, it’s yet another unique setting for the director.

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Dirk lives!!! Long live Dirk–and I mean really, really long…

A Baby Named Jesus

I see Amber Waves surviving but only after giving up her lifestyle and either becoming a documentary director or a born again Christian.


Well, yeah most of them would be dead given the vast amount of drug use everyone took part in. The only ones I can see surviving are Don Cheadle's character and Burt Reynolds's character. Plus, the character Dirk the Diggler was based on John Holmes who died of AIDS in the 80s but not before possibly aiding in the murders of 4 people.


California: another unique setting for PT Anderson.

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