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Preview Sexy New Brazilian Drama Series ‘Subúrbia’ (Debuts November 1)

Preview Sexy New Brazilian Drama Series 'Subúrbia' (Debuts November 1)

H/T to the Black Women of Brazil blog for alerting me to this…

From writer Paulo Lins, who wrote the novel that the 2002 acclaimed (and everybody’s favorite) film, Cidade de Deus (City Of God), was based on, comes a new Brazilian TV series titled Subúrbia, which follows the life of Conceição, a poor young woman who leaves her home in Minas Gerais (a Brazilian state) in search of a new life in Rio de Janeiro. She arrives in Rio and is taken in by a loving suburban family, falls for Cleiton, and gets caught up in the youthful party scene.

Here’s how Paulo Lins describes the upcoming new series:

“It is a drama of love and social too. (It’s) an old project of Luiz Fernando Carvalho that he invited me to participate in. We write everything in prose, a novel, and then we write the script. The series is a victory in an unequal and racist country like Brazil. We will show that through culture, family, religion and especially love, it’s possible to overcome barriers.”

Erika Januza makes her TV debut playing Conceição. and Fabricio Boliveira plays Cleiton.

The new series will debut on Globo TV in Brazil, on November 1st, under Luiz Fernando Carvalho’s (primarily a TV director in Brazil) direction.

Those outside of the country still might be able to check it out, since Globo operates satellite television channels around the world, including in the Americas, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Japan.

In the USA, where I am, Globo is available nationwide via Dish Network, and DirecTV. Also, various cable operators like Time Warner Cable in New York, Comcast in Miami, and others, also carry the channel.

But wherever you are, check your satellite TV provider, assuming you’re a subscriber. 

Although I won’t be surprised if the series ends up on YouTube eventually.

Watch the 3 1/2-minute preview of the series below (it’s not subtitled, but the images tell some of the story). I’d say that I like the look of this, and not for the reasons you might think when you watch the preview – at least, not only for that reason; but it looks very-well put together, vibrant, showcasing the lives of Afro-Brazilians (something we don’t get to see very often here in the USA), coming from the same guy who wrote City Of God, etc. So, at the very least, I’m curious to see the entire series:


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Brazil currently has a show called "Adelaide" with a white man in Black face. It's a hit show and runs for 30 minutes every week. There's is not one Brazilian produced TV program running that shows Blacks in a positive light or with a majority Black cast. This is problematic because Brazil is a majority Black nation — 50.7% Black (the second largest population of Blacks outside of Africa — 100 million Afro-Descendents — compared to 26 millions Black Americans in the U.S., in which we represent 12% of the U.S. population). Here in the U.S., we have a balance — we have Black TV stations (TV One and BET) and Black owned radio stations — Brazil has zero. We have Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey and Spike Lee that are making films showing Blacks in a different light other than the ghetto — in Brazil, there are filmmakers who want to make these films but they're not getting funding. Before you guys get quick to compare the plight of Afro-Brazilians — which is severely worse than Afro-Americans in the U.S., do your homework first.


I am watching the serie now and it's wonderfull. Its show an image of people from suburb, in the majority blacks and mixed families, like my family.


Looks gorgeous! The colours, the cutting; the ambiance. Definitely a must see.


love it… and it looks very interesting…cannot wait.


First of all, "Suburbia" is a bit of a misnomer. In Brazilian Portuguese, the "Suburbs" are the ghettos and the "Bairros" are the nice, middle class neighborhoods…think the "bairros of Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro" This show is nothing more than an attempt to continue to perpetuate derogatory images of Blacks in Brazil…think the sexploitation films of the 70s. Not all Afro-Brazilians live in the ghetto….and not all Afro-Brazilian women dress like prostitutes…not all Afro-Brazilian men are thugs or tote weapons. My African-American brothers and sisters, these fictional characters do not depict the true representation of our brothers and sisters in Brazil. Don't believe the hype.

James Madison

I'm curious to see the entire series too. I really liked City Of God and it's great to see (Finally) Afro-Brazilians. Thanks for posting.

other song

Brazilian women….

anyway, I might check an episode of this. if only because I expect City of God type quality

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