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Project of the Day: Vietnam War Reenactments Examined in ‘In Country’

Project of the Day: Vietnam War Reenactments Examined in 'In Country'

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“In Country”

Tweetable Logline:

War is Hell. Why would anyone want to spend their weekends there?

Elevator Pitch:

Most of us are familiar with Civil War and World War II reenactments. These wars were long enough ago that they evoke a certain nostalgia and even romance. But what would compel someone to reenact a more recent, morally ambiguous and unpopular war? What would compel someone to reenact Vietnam?

Production Team:

Co-Directors: Mike Attie & Meghan O’Hara
Director of Photography: Mike Attie

About the Production:

“As children growing up in the 70/80s, we felt the impact of the Vietnam War all around us. We had relatives who enlisted to go to Vietnam, as well as family who actively protested against the war. As adults, we have experienced a decade of war that has had little direct impact on our lives and the impact of which is still unknown.”

“For us, IN COUNTRY is a meditation on the impact of war across generations and how the drums of war continue to draw men to battle despite the devastating consequences.” — Mike Attie

Current Status:

Wrapped shooting. Raising funds to begin post-production

For more information and to support this project:

Film Website
Kickstarter Page

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Paul Gruendler

The preceding was a solicited opinion from an officer – and a gentleman – for whom I have the utmost respect. I walked point for the AMERICAL and 101st Airborne in 1971 in Vietnam, and earned my CIB and medals the easy way – I lived.
God bless the reenactors! Better keep the politics out of the documentary, though … it was and is all about the man in the foxhole next to you … and the innocent folks for whom you fight and die, if necessary.

Paul Gruendler

The following from a retired SF MAJ: "I looked at the trailer. It looks good. I saw some of the doushe-bag tweets coming in. A 'moraly ambiguous war'? WTF?! Ask the Vietnamese if they think life might be a little better for them if it was capitalist. Of course so many died in concentration camps afterward, we reallt can't ask them, can we? Let's talk about communist agression now. Was it moral to allow those enslaving, self-serving demons to just walk in, or was it perhaps better to try to put a stop to it? The neo-hippies and the poorly informed all spout off as if they have some authority to speak. They earned that freedom because men like those who went, like YOU, Paul; fought for their right to open their mouths and say the stupidest things without fear of reprisal."

Robert t

I saw the make of the film looks cool would see it when it comes out

Mary Jane o'Hara

Very interesting topic. Pictures are beautiful. Hope to see more of it!

David Humphreys

It's time to re-examine this war.

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