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Rumor Of The Day: Will ‘Transformers 4’ Feature A Female Lead?

Rumor Of The Day: Will 'Transformers 4' Feature A Female Lead?

The word on the fourth installment of the mega-grossing (and thunderously dull) “Transformers” series has been slow. We do know it won’t be a reboot; franchise leading man Shia LaBeouf won’t be back to do battle with the Decepticons; and this will be director Michael Bay’s last outing with the Autobots (Isn’t that what he said last time?). While Bay is wrapping up post-production on his robot-less crime flick “Pain & Gain” with Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, rumors suggest casting is already underway on his final installment in the franchise – and it isn’t exactly in the LaBeouf mold.

While it’s not much to go by, Spoiler TV (a site we never heard of, via Coming Soon) has word that leaked casting calls have the production looking for a female lead who can play a high school senior. There is also a search for her boyfriend, who will be a Texas racecar driver (we’re guessing he may acquire a slick yellow Camaro named Bumblebee?). Hope whichever female they choose gives Megan Fox a call, and knows better than to call Bay any names.

According to Bay, this fourth installment, penned by fanboy punching bag Ehren Kruger, may see the fresh cast of humans and robots transplanted to space, but it will also be a lot smaller in terms of scale and budget or whatever – which probably just means it will cost $150 million instead of $250 million, so yeah, practically an indie budget (?). It could be interesting to see a female take the lead of this enormous franchise, but considering Bay’s past characterizations of woman in the franchise, we’re guessing the terms “strong” and “independent” may not apply here. The film has been slated for a June 27, 2014 release, so prepare accordingly.

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If they want someone in the Megan Fox mold, they should get Amber Heard. She could probably stretch and still play 18 years old. By Hollywood standards anyway.


uh-oh guys, again trying some humour.. and now adding "(?)" which is the lowest, the absolute lowest..

I know it's hard to write an article about a Bay movie but come on!


Spoiler TV posts alot of…..spoilers for tv. They get a lot of casting calls, it's possible they found one for Transformers.

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