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Rumors Continue That ‘Twilight’ Will Carry On Without Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Or Taylor Lautner

Rumors Continue That 'Twilight' Will Carry On Without Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Or Taylor Lautner

At the beginning of the year, Twihards squealed when word emerged that Lionsgate — who were fresh off buying Summit — would be keen on continuing the “Twilight” franchise, with the blessing of author Stephenie Meyer of course. “If she (Meyer) wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her,” Lionsgate motion picture group co-chair Rob Friedman said at the time. And really, who wouldn’t want to keep a $2.5 billion franchise going?

Well, with the finale (for now) coming next month, it’s time for more rumors about what happens to the series after “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2” is released. And according to the folks at Moviehole (as always, have salt handy), their sources say, “They’re already onto the [‘Breaking Dawn’] follow-up.” Gasp!

So what will it be? The word “reboot” seems to be the operative term here with (allegedly) everything from a TV series or film spinoff set in the same world with different characters to something involving The Wolf Pack (not “The Hangover” dudes) being considered. Again, none of this is confirmed but you can probably expect the question to be asked about five zillion times when the cast, producers and director go out to do press rounds in the coming weeks.

So is more “Twilight” a good thing or should it end here? Let us know below. 

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heard a rumor. maybe a new. breaking dawn called midnight might be in the making? hope so ….big fan…


Continue it in book form only. The characters will remain immortal in print, something that can't be achieved in film with actors. I would love for the story to continue, and have questions that I'd like answered such as does Bella's mother ever see her again? If Charlie is let in on what's going on (to a point of course) why not Renee? If not, what do they tell her and could Charlie go along with such a story (that she died). Would Charlie eventually be changed himself? Would The Volturi "live" to fight another day? What about Jacob and Renesmee? Questions, questions.


It would be great if the saga continued. They close the movie out with you asking and beggging for more…more answers, more suspense. Personally I think they left it open for more, with alices last vision and arro telling his (brother) " not this time" but who knows what will happen, anything could…. I'm sure people around the globe would love to see the story continue.


And yes I put Renesmee because I'm a fan of Twilight:)


I think they should continue but with the same actors even if they are not into it, continue the story!But let Stephanie have something to do with it.Also we should have more!more!Like continue Midnight Sun, and Jacob and Renesmee's story!


plzzzz continue i love team twilight n the movie so much


please dnt finsh writing stephen let their be more …for the next movie i want still robert,kristen and taylor fover


Though I m a twilight fan, and I watch all seriees reapeatedly,of course I don't wish that it would end, since now it is already good,…… I still hope it would continue though!… But with the three actors included, though it might mess up saga, I somehow can't let it go, since it is so good! But I really hope the author would somehow think of a way where the saga continues… but in a way it would not mess up…. obviously… and this time really…. and in a convincing way to let the twilight fans a total let go


I love love love love LOVEE Twilight and I can only hope there is a sequel to Breaking Dawn! Keep on writing Stephanie!!! :) But I only want the movis with Kristen,Rob & Taylor.


Let it go. It was a good running series and now it is finished. Anything else with other actors would be a lost effort.


Summit totally screwed Taylor Lautner…… they want to do a spin off that could focus on the wolf pack …..without HIM?? He was forced into the trio with K and R ….who clearly have issues….so a lot of focus was on the couple…………..this storyline could actually focus on him.
Want to see more of Jacob and Nessie storyline, but only with Taylor included.


Also…I'd like to point out that the Twilight saga is better than Harry Potter so they should NOT "quit while they're ahead" because there is so much more they can do for this beautiful saga! If Harry Potter has 7 books and movies where they should've stopped at 4 or 5 at the most than I say that Twilight should "Live long and prosper"


That is a somewhat good idea. I'm Native American and I'm also team Jacob and I would love to see the focus on the wolves, but it's nothing without Jacob or the other characters! Taking them out would be a horrible idea and woulnt be considered a spin off!


End it while its still good. Don't get so money hungry that y'all mess up the saga and make all of the twihard fan hate the franchise. Secondly without the original actors the rumored sequel wouldn't last. It's because of rob tay and Kristen and the rest of the cast that the twilight saga has made it this far. So please let part 2of breaking Dawna be the last movie




I would like to what would become of Jacob and Renesme!


Please continue whatever it may be keep the stories going. It will be heart breaking if it ends now. The movies and novels are too entertaining for them to just stop now.


I think they should do 1 movie seperate from the Twilight Saga, have Stephanie write it and it focus on the histories this story could be broken down into multiple parts, 1 being rosalie and emmet, then alice and jasper, or Carlises story including them all and then one featuring Renesmee's future with jacob and turn it into a different saga, I for one dont want to see a TV series, I'd much prefer A film about there histories & a Saga with Renessme… She's half vampire half Human inprinted by a wolf…. what will there children be? what will there children's children be? I think They should of got leah a mate i always felt bad for her… i've read a few stories on fanfiction sites where people have wrote what they think the future after breaking dawn will be (in there stories) and it would be super cool to maybe have stephanie and the twilight cast come back to it after a few year break… (that time being kept for stephanie to write) Stephanie seems to think she wants to move on to other projects, I just wish she would finish the one she started… As far as i can see they could push the content they have now for another 2 movies (2yrs worth of films) then they could by that time have more stories… like the one from edwards view that never got finished… It's a shame if they leave it were it is now.. Bella's story might be over but Renessme's/Jacobs isnt neither is Alive/Jasper, Carlise/esme or Leah's for that matter… they could do more stories of the volturi… Can't help but feel after 5 Films we have been pretty much screw'd why not end it with all the peoples stories not just Bella's.

Christopher Dark

They never told Emmett's story and only hinted at Alice's I'd like to see Rosalie and Emmet meet. And Alice and Jasper. Who is Jacob's friend Emery's dad? I see a tv series in the wolf pack. Who will Leah's mate be? Someone from far away? Or someone close that she never noticed? Bella's and Edward's story is done. But there area lot of loose ends.


I think they should stop while they're ahead.


Do we really need a spin-off from twilight? what's next? Toruing around the world untile they're 82?


I, for one, would like to see a prequel about the Cullens' family origin. The dynamics are there for some decent tale-telling.

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