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Rupert Sanders Might Direct Universal’s ‘Van Helsing’ With Tom Cruise

Rupert Sanders Might Direct Universal's 'Van Helsing' With Tom Cruise

It takes two to tango, and while Kristen Stewart was kind of put over the coals for her dalliance with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, his narrative became that of a man trying to save his marriage. And while we let the tabloids keep tabs on that latest in the affair fallout, everyone else and Sanders too it seems is getting on with their lives. Universal is pushing ahead with a sequel to the fairy tale movie with Stewart, but the question remains as to whether or not Sanders will return. And if he doesn’t, it seems there may be another franchise for him to put his hands on.

Twitch reports that very early conversations are happening between the studio and Sanders for the helmer to take on “Van Helsing” starring none other than Tom Cruise. The property has been one Unviersal has been eager to reboot, with the movie brewing for years, at one time set to be produced by Guillermo del Toro. And while that iteration faded away, earlier this year the studio got “Transformers” guys Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to take it on, and it was kicked back to life. With Kurtzman promising a grounded “The Dark Knight“-esque approach, this will likely be quite different than the 2004 Hugh Jackman movie, and also different from Sanders’ own ‘Huntsman.’

All this to say….who knows? Who knows if Sanders will take this? Who knows if Cruise will make this his next movie following the currently lensing “All You Need Is Kill“? The actor tends to develop and make sure projects meet his standards before jumping in. But he’s been in blockbuster mode of late, and maybe Cruise just wants to keep his name up on the marquee. Either way, not a horrible choice to direct but not an inspired one either. He’s mostly just a proven director who has already had a hit, which may be enough for Universal.

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What Easy Company said. Also, I can't imagine either Sanders or Stewart would touch another SWATH if their lives depended on it. Neither of them need the additional bad publicity another SWATH association would bring. Hope Sanders moves on to bigger and better films. He's certainly the more talented of the two.


The guy has had one hit, which he managed to screw up by getting involved with his lead actress, who just happens to be half his age, young enough to be his daughter. Perhaps this guy should be concentrating on therapy for his pevertions rather than predictably destroying VanHelsing.


"Universal is pushing ahead with a sequel to the fairy tale movie with Stewart" uh-oh, Kevin, I thought Universal would focus on the Hunstman, without Stewart. They fired David Koepp who said he was writing a script with Snow White but Universal told him they rather wanted a H. sequel. Tecnically, Stewart is not fired yet, they can say that now or her fans…but c'mon…As for Sanders, he has 2 projects, I don't think he's coming back to SWATH.

easy company

i think the problem with sanders and snow white was the same problem kosinski had with tron legacy.the are both good directors with AMAZING visual style but they both had pretty bad,uninteresting scripts to make into movies…also they were not blessed with good,charismatic actors(stewart,claflin,hedlund,wilde and theron was also terrible ).
luckily they both have tom cruise to show them the way on their 2nd films… :)

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