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Scandal Pushes Alex Gibney’s Lance Armstrong Doc, Biopics Back to Front Burner

Scandal Pushes Alex Gibney's Lance Armstrong Doc, Biopics Back to Front Burner

Hollywood loves a scandal. Stalled interest in disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is rumbling back to life on the heels of recent revelations. Now that the cancer survivor hero has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, his massive doping scheme has bolstered new interest in his story.   

Oscar-winner Alex Gibney (“Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room,” “Taxi to the Dark Side”) already has a Frank Marshall-produced documentary in postproduction at Sony. “We followed Lance Armstrong in his 2009 comeback tour all along the way,” Gibney told TOH. “We put the film on ice for some time until the resolution of the story, so we now feel it’s resolved sufficiently to move to finish it.”

Gibney is trying to get Armstrong to talk and will expand the film with new footage.  He will also change the ending in order to incorporate Armstrong’s latest punishment: on October 22nd, Armstrong was stripped of all the cycling titles that he had acquired from 1998 to the present, including his Tour de France championships from 1999 to 2005.

Two fictional takes on Armstrong’s rise and fall, Sony’s version of Armstrong’s memoir “It’s Not About the Bike” and a project from Ed Pressman (“Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”), have been dropped.  The Hollywood Reporter reports that after the past few months’ allegations, there’s a different story to tell.  One agent explains, “It’s not about him rising and becoming the greatest athlete.  He has become a polarizing figure.” 

But a producer adds that even though the scandal has upped the dramatic quotient of the Armstrong story, it’s “too tragic right now. You would need some sort of redemption at the end.”

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Cali LeTulle

What? You think the ending is too
tragic? For whom? Have you overlooked the
Tragedy of all the truthful people that Lance ruined mafia style in his callous and criminal obsession to win at all costs. His real story doesn't have a good ending for him, but it does for all of us ordinary people who like to see justice served(and consequences for cheating, liars who bully and get anything they want because they are Rich and Dishonest and Greedy and FAKE!


Geez! Please don't put any empathy or sympathy in it. Lance Armstrong is a colossal cheat. Maybe the biggest lie for the longest time in history.

You absolutely MUST depict how he treated anyone and everyone who dared come forward and speak the truth.

Portray is money grubbing lawyers, the ones that hounded poor Emma O'Reilly for over two years, for exactly what they are… scum. Especially Tim Herman.

If this is in any way sympathetic to LA, I'll see it over and over and puck on as many theater lobbies as I can find.


The article is inaccurate. Armstrong lost all titles from Aug. 1, 1998 until the present, which includes the 3rd place at the TdF in 2009.

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