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Sequel To ‘Alex Cross’ Based On ‘Double Cross’ Already In The Works; Tyler Perry Returning To Star

Sequel To 'Alex Cross' Based On 'Double Cross' Already In The Works; Tyler Perry Returning To Star

I hope you’re sitting down for this one guys because, a report just hit the web stating that a sequel to Alex Cross (starring Tyler Perry), is apparently in the works, even though the first film of the Tyler Perry era hasn’t been released yet (it’s out this weekend).

Expectations must be high enough for this move to already be in play – maybe not necessarily centi-million-dollar expectations, but high enough compared to budget ($23 million).

Reviews thus far haven’t been good, as you’d expect (22% on Rotten Tomatoes as of the time of this post).

We’ve seen the movie, and I can tell you that its current low 22% rating is just about right. Although, I’ve spoken to a few others who’d say that 22% is even too generous.

But you all will get to see it for yourselves this weekend.

It’s a mystery to me as to how well this will perform at the box office. It’s just not a good film; however, that certainly hasn’t prevented past Tyler Perry movies from being profitable. As I asked in an entry last week, will his base embrace his will to break out of the Madea comedy box, and support him in this new mold, as action hero?

History isn’t exactly on his side here. In short, looking at box office for all his movies, I was able to reach this conclusion: Average total box office for Tyler Perry movies WITH Madea – roughly $60 million; Average box office total for Tyler Perry movies WITHOUT Madea – about $40 million.

So, clearly, Madea movies, on average, have done better than non-Madea Tyler Perry movies – about $20 million more in ticket sales, on average.

Will that trend continue with Alex Cross? We’ll just have to wait to see, starting with this opening weekend’s numbers.

I should note that I don’t think Lionsgate/Summit is expecting the audience for Alex Cross to comprise primarily of Tyler Perry fans; I’d say that they’re hoping for some cross-over appeal – especially fans of James Patterson’s series of novels, which the film is based on. If they’re not repulsed by the idea of Perry playing Cross, as many of you are, or if they’re even just a little curious to see this new rendition, they might help bolster ticket sales, and make up for any gaps that go unfilled, if Perry’s base doesn’t show up.

But no matter for Mr Perry though, bad reviews and all, because Deadline is reporting this evening that a deal is indeed being done that will see another James Patterson Alex Cross novel (this one titled Double Cross) adapted into a movie, with Tyler Perry returning to star as Cross. 

No word on who will be behind the camera this time; although I won’t at all be surprised if Perry opts to direct as well, even though he followed direction from Rob Cohen in the first film.

Stay tuned…

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Tyler Perry is killing the Alex cross franchise


thought the movie was entertaining….I liked it…! Fine job Tyler Perry….

Miles Ellison

Maybe he should put the dress on for this one.


Let's be honest about this-Tyler and his cheap-to-make, guaranteed ROI cross dressing movies have made him a very rich man in Hollywood. Oprah is his girl, he has a certain part of this town on lock.
I have a feeling they're making this to placate him, what they really want are his guaranteed granny gun toting films which will probably offset the Alex Cross costs in a week. I'm just sad that we get SO few representations of Black life in major releases, and most of them come from one mind (his). I haven't seen the film so I can't comment directly, but from the trailers, it looks like unintentional comedy. He's just not the kind of actor who can pull this kind of tough guy, macho thing off.

K Saadiq


D.C. Kirkwood

I told ya as soon as Tyler did one Alex Cross, there would be a second one on the way. The director said he was impressed with Tyler and wanted to do a second one. He said Idris is a good actor but Tyler is a franchise. He has the ability to grow more as a actor, which I agree with. So Mr. Cohen decided to take a chance on Tyler instead of Idris. Even Giancarlo said he supports Tyler Perrys efforts so obviously Tyler has potential. We'll see. Congrats to him.


Sequel? They must be smoking on that oohhweee. Actually the rating has dropped from 22% and now it's at 14%. This is gonna flop. I'll be going to watch "Middle of Nowhere" over this mess.


This film looks as if it will bring in a large chunk of Perry's audience and perhaps some other black fans who are not Perry enthusiasts but nonetheless want to see somethng of themselves on the big screen. Unfortunately the film also appears incapable of drawing its MOST IMPORTANT potential audience : the book readers/buyers (not even the black ones) who consistently make the annual Alex Cross novels into best sellers. There seems to be very little interest from that front. That points to a spectacular bad case of misjudgment by the people behind the film considering we are living in the Established Audience film era. The biggest money-making films from Hollywood studios are those in which a thriving fanbase already exists for the material. That's why we get adaptations of comic books, YA books, best-selling novels, TV series, video games….board games! Not to mention sequels and reboots. People are paying for what they are already familiar with. Under these circumstances the only plus this movie has is that it is a reboot of a reasonably successful film series. However when it doesn't seem to be generating enough buzz from the loyal readers of the books, it would appar it is destined to not live up to its desired box office potential. We shall see. But it isn't a good sign when on more "mainstream" sites the film is nothing more than a punchline for the people who comment on it. Especially its cheesy tagline. Personally I've never seen any of the Alex Cross series in the movie theaters and I'm not about to start now. But even though Morgan Freeman was way too old for the role I at least was somewhat interested in "Kiss the Girls". I'm not interested in this latest one at all.


TP is on another level…anybody sitting on tens (or hundreds) of million$$$ is not seeing things like you do…you think you've got him figured out but you have no idea where he's going or how he'll get there…if you could even comprehend such things then you'd be the one spitting out movie and tv deals like sunflower seeds!


Here's what I have heard that this film's funding is part of Lionsgate diversity Discretionary monies, Summit is not all on board at all but they feel it won't be too much of a money loser while they wait for other project in the pipeline to hit the theaters. I have not seen one positive review at all. But there must be other mechanics at work cause I can't see the reason for green lighting another one!!!


Waitaminute! This movie has a 22% RT rating. It's got horrible buzz. Hasn't even come out yet. And they're greenlighting a sequel?!?

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