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Spielberg Talks Childhood Anger and ‘Lincoln’ on ’60 Minutes,’ Turns Back on Action (VIDEO)

Spielberg Talks Childhood Anger and 'Lincoln' on '60 Minutes,' Turns Back on Action (VIDEO)

The golden ring of publicity scores is the ’60 Minutes’ interview. What beats it? Maybe a Time cover. Sunday night’s Lesley Stahl profile of Steven Spielberg includes the first clips from his upcoming “Lincoln” (November 16) as well as an interview with Spielberg’s parents about his childhood. “Lincoln” is less interesting to the news show than Spielberg’s childhood trauma. Spielberg and Stahl track the evolution of his feelings toward his workaholic father, who admits that he didn’t give his son enough attention, through Spielberg’s films, from anger to reconciliation.
Spielberg also talks about the ten-year gestation of “Lincoln,” which focuses on the intense last four months in the life of America’s 16th president (Daniel Day-Lewis) when he is fighting to get Congress to pass the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery in order to end the Civl War. He tells Stahl that the film is unlike no other he has ever done:

“I’ve always wanted to tell a story about Lincoln. I saw a paternal father figure, someone who was completely, stubbornly committed to his ideals, his vision. I think the film is very relevant for today. It’s about leadership…I knew I could do the action in my sleep at this point in my career. In my life, the action doesn’t …attract me anymore.”

In this film, Spielberg explores the behind-the-scenes life of Lincoln and wife Mary Todd (Sally Field) and their two surviving sons:

“I think there’s a sense of darkness…with him. He was living with two agendas, both of which had to do with healing…first, to abolish slavery, end the war. But he also had his personal life and I think there’s darkness in there.”

Check out Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis’s satellite interview here.

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Michael Chaprazov

We grew up with his unforgettable films. Which are so instructive and valuable. This is now at his new film Linkoln. What history and culture. Thanks to the good acting of this unique film acting team. Incredibly good operator and screenwriter.With perfect in directing storyboard book. Thank you for the wonderful interview I looked at.
Sincerely: Michael Andreev Chaprazov


Your Comment—–Yet another Lincoln? —-is this the 6th? –7th? retread?

MEANWHILE, Spielberg and Hollywood generally continue to deliver
predictive programming for the capstone EUGENICS age-enda
while 'mysteriously overlooking' 2012's
—200th Anniversary of the Defeat of Napoleonic Globalism at Moscow
——the 100th Anniversary of the infamous Jeckyl Island banking pow wow
——–the 40th Anniversary of the Nixon-MAO handover summit
—and the 20th –30th –40th –50th and NOW
——————–60th Anniversary————————-
os the RED China, Globalism, EUGENICS and GENOCIDE 'uncomfortable'

———————-KOREAN WAR————————-

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