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Superhero Rumor Of The Day: Warner Bros. Wants Armie Hammer To Play Batman In ‘Justice League’ (Again)

Superhero Rumor Of The Day: Warner Bros. Wants Armie Hammer To Play Batman In 'Justice League' (Again)

Get out the old bag of salt, and set skepticism phasers to stun, as yet another rumor for a comic book movie that is likely three years away has popped up. And no, we’re not talking about “The Avengers 2.”

According to Moviehole, Armie Hammer is “on WB’s radar” to suit up as Batman in the eventual “Justice League” movie. Of course, as geeks already know, Hammer had that role once before in George Miller‘s aborted movie back in 2008, which was gearing up to shoot before a variety of factors including the writer’s strike eventually shuttered production. The logic here is that following “The Social Network,” “Mirror Mirror” ($162 million worldwide) and next year’s “The Lone Ranger,” Hammer’s stock will be higher than ever, making him a smart one to cast. And moreover, he’s already prepared once for the role, so he’s halfway there, right? Perhaps. 

But then again, WB could wait to see how he leads “The Lone Ranger” to decide if they want him wearing the cowl. Additionally, considering “Justice League” has something like a half dozen superheroes, getting name-brand actors (Hammer’s asking price might be much higher very soon) will certainly up the budget. Oddly enough, this rumor says that Hammer wouldn’t be used for any standalone Batman movies, just for “Justice League” films. Wouldn’t WB be using “Justice League” to spinoff solo outings for these heroes? Seems counterintuitive not to, but then again, overworking our brains on this rumor probably isn’t worth the effort at this point.

Anyway, something to toss out to your co-workers on lunch break or whatever. But what do you think — true or not, would Hammer make a good Bruce Wayne? Weigh in below.

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Chris Christopher

Give bale a lot of cash, he is batman


Christian Bale or ……………………. Christian Bale


This kid dosn't have what it would take to be Batman. Batman is a role that could make the movie a hit or a big flop. D.C. needs to get this one right. What made the Avengers a big hit was good acting. There has been way to many acters playing the role of Batman and it has hurt the role. D.C. will need to do some big things with all of the roles if they want to hit big. They need to remember that Batman has a dark side behind the mask. Superman could hurt the movie too. This role is hard to pick. I really hope they get this right, I am a big fan of the Justice League.


Terrible choice but I hope they pick him. Ha.


Gotta say it; Boy ain't got the mouth for the cowl. Keaton, Kilmer and Bale all had interesting and idiosyncratic mouths that counter such an expressionless mask… Clooney and Hammer do not. Plus, Wayne needs to be intense and traumatised, which I've never seen available in Armie's range.


Fassbinder. FASSBINDER!

Hudson Faber

Great pick for Batman–especially for a franchise bound to have a lot of sequels. He can age into the role along with Cavill.


He seems like a young Christian Bale, I like the choice!

No Thanks

He strikes me as a blue blood silver-spoon kid. Can his precise diction be anymore annoying and mellifluous with the sound of privilege?


downgrade, warner, downgrade!!


Hammer looks like Bruce Wayne and Batman. I'd like to see what he can do with a role like this. He was fantastic in TSN, but the roles he had in Mirror Mirror and J. Edgar didn't really suit him well unfortunately. I think The Lone Ranger and Batman are much better fits for him.


wait, do people actually like Armie Hammer as an actor? Besides The Social Network he's been awful in everything else (especially J. Edgar my god)

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