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Surprisingly, Denzel Washington Is America’s Top Choice To Play Jesus In Vanity Fair/60 Minutes Poll

Surprisingly, Denzel Washington Is America's Top Choice To Play Jesus In Vanity Fair/60 Minutes Poll

Interesting, and definitely worth sharing…

In the December issue of Vanity Fair magazine, there’s the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll (subtitled Lust For Life), which asks readers a series of random questions, like: which holiday movie is most overplayed on TV (A Christmas Story was #1), do you have a public library card (55% said they do), what is Kwanzaa (60% got it right), and finally, if you were directing a new film version of the New Testament, which actor would you cast to play Jesus… there are 8 other questions.

Surprisingly, in response to that last question about what actor you’d cast to play Jesus, the majority vote, 21%, chose Denzel Washington! Who did he beat out? Daniel Day-Lewis (14%), Al Pacino (13%), Rya Gosling (11%), Woody Allen (10%), Philip Seymour Hoffman (3%), and finally, none of them (15%).

If anything, I would’ve expected Daniel Day-Lewis would be #1 by far! Even Ryan Gosling; but I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that Denzel Washington would win the contest – certainly not one that Vanity Fair had anything to do with, given that its readership is predominantly Caucasian. 

Then again, Denzel is one of those non-white actors who has “transcended race.” It still surprises me though.

Take a look at the rest of the poll results HERE.

h/t Movieline for the link.

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Jesus was 30 on Earth, wasn't he? Denzel's, well…


Well, perhaps, those persons who selected Denzel Washington to play Jesus know history and know that from where the Bible says Jesus is from he would have been a dark complexion Jew.


Anyone who participated in that poll didn't take it seriously cuz this world couldn't handle Jesus being played by any black man, look at how they handled the few black characters in The Hunger Games. This will never happen!

Adam Scott Thompson

No good! He already played Jesus' father.


I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see Denzel play Jesus in a feature film. This poll sounds great on its face, but as you noted Tambay, Denzel, like Oprah and Michael Jordan, is not really considered "Black" with regard to his craft. He has transcended his race in America's eyes. Also, I would trust these results more if Clooney, Pitt, Affleck etc. were also thrown into the mix and if a larger pool of people were polled.

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