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The Academy Picks Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane to Host Oscars

The Academy Picks Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane to Host Oscars

I don’t get it. Yes, the Academy wants to make people think that it is hip and young and I understand that, but Seth MacFarlane? The guy who directed Ted (which was a huge hit) and the creative genius behind Family Guy to host the Oscars? I read yesterday that he is only the second host after Ellen DeGeneres to get the gig having never appeared on the broadcast. 

As Anne Thompson wrote yesterday, this is a clear attempt to bring in the young men ala Jimmy Kimmel and the Emmys (which I thought was terrible.) I personally am not into his type of humor. Give me Amy Poehler’s humor any day. (And by the way her bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the Emmy’s was one of the only times I laughed all night.) 

It just feels like the decision by producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron is pandering to the young male demographic who quite frankly isn’t even the audience that shows up to watch the Oscars. There is a reason why they call it the “Super Bowl for women.” If I thought having the show be dude centric (see videos below) would take away from the objectification of women that happens I would be all for it, but it won’t. The red carpet is a show in itself and some people only watch the carpet and skip the show.

I’m not impressed.

This is from his show (h/t Movie City News)

Seth MacFarlane Oscar Host (Deadline)

Academy Chases Young Male Demo with Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane [VIDEO] (Thompson on Hollywood)

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Gee, wanting to bring in more male eyeballs –how terrible!
You'd think their bringing in Seth should tell you something. The Oscars ratings have been falling year after year. The "Super Bowl for Women" simply isn't bringing in enough eyeballs to be relevant or at this rate profitable for much longer. You want to be successful, you'll need more than just women watching and that means appealing to men. Deal with it.
Perhaps Ms Silverstein would be happier if they'd made Lena Dunham the host. A girl who's done nothing in films, and whose only claim to fame is HBO pimping her as "the voice of a generation" –she doesn't speak for me!– and an overhyped, overrated and rapidly-irrelevant show.


Personally I am glad that the Academy does not consider it it's job to "impress" YOU. Nobody died and left YOU boss.

Strong Choice, Academy

CAB is right on. Seth is a wonderful performer, and has the song-and-dance-man thing going for him. I feel like everyone complaining here is either: 1) out of the target demo (are any of you under 35?), or 2) hasn't seen his work? Oh gee, Qualified Quincy, please comment more on something you don't understand. I don't go spit on episodes of Parks and Rec, which I've never seen. Oh my gosh, I'm sooooo totally qualified to talk about how much Girls sucks! Too bad I couldn't sit through the first episode! You'd tell me to stuff it. Guess what? Unless you've actually seen more than 15 seconds of the guy's work, you're not qualified.

I'm a woman. I'm in the target demo. My friends are primarily women. Guess what? We're excited to see a guy who doesn't seem like he should be rolling in his grave (please, Academy, tell me why Steve Martin is relevant?). And if you're going to "pander" to the target demo, which we all know the Academy does, at least, for once, it's nice to see them get someone who's actually a performer. Not, you know, a stoner (JAMES FRANCO). Yeah, sure, it'd be great to see Fey or Poehler (or Fey AND Poehler) or Kaling or Louis-Dreyfuss host the Oscars. Some day, it'll happen. But I see no reason to get our panties in a twist just 'cause it's some guy (which is what this sounds like). Jon Stewart was one of the best hosts of the past decade, and, last I checked, he had man parts (I think. Rumor: Jon Stewart is a lady! Run with it).

Seriously – MacFarlane is wonderful, women in my age range love him, and he's bound to be better than the last few years. As for Women's Superbowl…I thought that was Project Runway? Though maybe that fits "Gay Men's Superbowl" nicely, too….


Seth is a great performer and terrific singer. I'm looking forward to this.

C. K.

Personally I've never been able to get through an episode of Family Guy so this seems like a terrible idea and I can't imagine it going down well with other people who've been tuning in to the Oscars year after year either. I predict this year's show will turn more people off the awards than it will attract.


I don't get it either. I do resent it being called the "Women's Superbowl" The "Gay Men's Superbowl" would probably be more appropriate. But this choice will cause their show to lose some of the dwindling audience.

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