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The Guy Who Directed Brandon Lee’s ‘Laser Misson’ Is Making A 9/11 Conspiracy Movie With Woody Harrelson & Martin Sheen

The Guy Who Directed Brandon Lee's 'Laser Misson' Is Making A 9/11 Conspiracy Movie With Woody Harrelson & Martin Sheen

So, one of America’s most defining moments in contemporary history is being put in the hands of the guy who directed “Charlie Sheen’s Stunt Spectacular” and Brandon Lee‘s “Laser Mission.” And no, we’re not cherry picking out of the CV (or IMDB page) of BJ Davis — those really are some of the “highlights,” as it were, from the stuntman/stunt coodinator/director’s resume. Now it looks like he’s putting his tinfoil hat on.

Davis is set to direct “September Morn” a 9/11 movie that will feature an ensemble led by Woody Harrelson and Martin Sheen (not bad) and nicely rounded out by Ed Asner, John Heard, Esai Morales, Daniel Sunjata and Judd Nelson. Penned by Howard Cohen, the movie will follow a group of folks who revisit and question the independent investigation into 9/11. We really hope this isn’t going to be some kind of door opening onto the various conspiracy theories around September 11th. But considering the meat of the cast — Harrelson, Asner and Sheen — are part of Actors And Artists For 911 Truth, you can bet this one will stir the pot.

Among the things the group is seeking answers for (read it all here) is why the airliners weren’t intercepted, and what really caused the collapse of the World Trade Buildings, damage at the Pentagon, and more. The real meat and potatoes of truthers. Some of their platform is compelling — such as the argument that 9/11 was being used to increase military spending and justify torture — but this other stuff is tricky at best. The film itself was announced a year ago (but no one noticed) under its original title “Confessions Of A 9/11 Conspirator” (subtle, guys) and it will be shot on a single location, “12 Angry Men” style. Gotta keep budgets down we suppose.

The film is being shopped at AFM so we’ll see if it finds backers to make it happen. But it can’t be worse than “Laser Mission,” can it?

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Forget waiting for the film, read the book it is based on:


This is the first in what will be many media attempts to carefully place doubt in the minds of the readers….. Stay strong and keep asking the hard questions about 9/11… I don't care who is in the movie, who directs or who produces it as long as it addresses those hard questions that we have. It's our duty as citizens of this country to demand the truth from those who govern…….

Joe G.

Will it deal with Urban Moving Systems, however? If you don't know what that is, you should look it up.

And will it deal with, as the "Counter-terrorism Czar" Richard Clarke says, the "fifty, five-oh" CIA personnel who knew the San Diego cell hijackers were in the country for sixteen months prior to the attacks?

Richard Clarke Admits CIA Knew of Hijackers in Country

Or with the Saudi Arabian agents who helped them in San Diego?

Or with about 500 other verifiable, yet covered-up facts that show the US government has been lying to this day about the 9/11 attacks…

Honest Rob

FXL – that crazy theory would be interesting – if not for the thousands of people (like myself) who worked down here in NYC and SAW THEM HIT. Those Planes were real, not CG. Funny how those who weren't there have the most creative ways of denying what actually happened.
Logic and Occam's Razor, people.
One more reason to ignore Woody Harrelson's post Cheers career.


I doubt it will deal with the most relevant alternative explanation: that no planes struck the Pentagon or the Trade Centers; the live footage was heavily, heavily treated and the planes were CG. (See September Clues.) So, just more misinformation and 'stirring of the pot' as you obnoxiously put it.

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