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Watch: James Bond Drops His Famous Introduction In New Clip From ‘Skyfall’

Watch: James Bond Drops His Famous Introduction In New Clip From 'Skyfall'

As we noted in our examination of “Skyfalla few days back, either Sam Mendes and co. are holding a lot back or the movie has one great action setpiece and…not much else? We’re hoping for the former because so far, the numerous TV spots and various bits of advertising for the movie have mostly been the same recut footage and that one shot of Daniel Craig stylishly landing in the back of a train car while it’s moving and adjusting his suit (all part of this scene). Suave. And now another snippet has landed that will be familiar for anyone who has watched a 007 flick.

Berenice Marlohe is the new Bond girl, and in this scene, we see her meeting the famed spy, who delivers his famous introduction that starts with his last name first. It’s not exactly the most revelatory look, but hey, it’s something, right? It should be noted that if there is more to the movie, we’re just glad it’s not getting spoiled weeks out, so there may be more to discover when we hit the theaters. But if you do want a deeper look behind the curtain, “Skyfall” screens for critics today in the U.K. with reviews expected to land shortly afterward, so word will soon be emerging soon, declaring if this one is worthy of the canon (or not).

Check out the scene below, along with two more TV spots. And if that’s not enough, there’s another car heavy spot over at Top Gear. “Skyfall” opens on October 26th overseas and November 9th stateside. [Huffington Post/ONTD/Entertainment Wise]

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which means it is epic because Casino Royale is amazing. Plus, I really doubt you saw the movie. Power of the Internet folks.


To answer the opening of this article: what we're seeing in the trailers comprises most of the movie's action scenes. Skyfall has one grand action setpiece in the form of its opening sequence. The other two major ones, a shoot-out in the neon-lit buildings of Shanghai and a night attack on Skyfall, aren't quite as large-scaled but offer their own brands of interest. There are, of course, other nice action and suspense beats, but an epic James Bond entry this is not (although neither was Casino Royale).

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